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With the arrival of winter, the sales of goods related to "warmth" have increased significantly. According to this year's "Double 108" sales data, the sales of sports down jackets increased by <>% year-on-year. In addition to the popularity of household heating equipment, "office cold artifact" has gradually become a new trend of warm consumption. All kinds of hot pot ingredients and hot pot base ingredients have also entered the peak sales season.

Since the beginning of winter, the cold wave has invaded, and there are many more packages with "Bosideng" and "Flying in the Snow" on the outer packaging of the express station. In the just-concluded "Double Eleven", the sales of goods related to "warmth" have increased significantly, and warm clothing and small heating appliances have ushered in the sales season. After the cooling, the business of hot pot restaurants became more and more "hot", and the sales of hot pot ingredients also ushered in "explosive orders".

The cold wind blows the "warm economy", and the market ushers in a "hot" wave of consumption.

Thermal clothing continues to grow

Searching for "down jacket" on Taobao, the monthly sales of many brand flagship stores exceed 3000,2+ orders, and the monthly sales of down vest items are even about 108,85 orders. In the Douyin live broadcast room, the anchor of the down jacket brand worked hard to introduce the cold resistance, design sense and cost performance of the product. According to this year's "Double Eleven" sales data, the sales of sports down jackets increased by 54% year-on-year, the sales of children's down jackets increased by 49% year-on-year, the sales of men's down jackets and warm pants increased by 54% and 87% year-on-year respectively, the sales of women's woolen sweaters increased by <>% year-on-year, and the sales of children's cotton shoes increased by <>% year-on-year.

It is reported that the windproof quilt is distributed in Shandong, Zhejiang and Hunan, of which Yiwu accounts for the largest share. After the winter cools down, the amount of orders placed for windbreak is 3 times that of usual, and the merchant's warehouse is full every day. "Send the courier to the dizziness". A Taobao seller told reporters that the express truck runs more than a dozen times a day to pull goods, and the warehouse is working overtime to pack and check orders.

In addition to down jackets and windproof quilts, warm home clothes and pajama sets are popular among consumers. "Within 5 kilometers of my home, I only go out in my pajamas and pajamas." Under the message of a netizen, more netizens agreed. Tianyancha patent data shows that there are more than 990,100 patent applications related to "warmth", including more than <> thermal underwear and more than <> warm down jackets.

This year, military coats are also quite popular among young people, "not that down jackets can't be bought, but military coats are more cost-effective." More than 400 yuan to buy a pure wool and fur integrated army coat, not only wind resistance and warmth, but also save money. The inside of the jacket is either velvet or cotton, which not only retains the demeanor of middle-aged people, but also retains the temperature.

Dress warmly during the day and sleep warmly at night. In terms of sleep warmth, the cooling makes the quilt outbreak particularly obvious. This year, Tmall mainly promoted the new experience of goose hibernation, and orders for goose duvets increased rapidly year-on-year. Relevant data show that a brand of goose duvets has a total of nearly 3,5000 transactions and sales of more than <> million yuan in the "Double Eleven" opening stage.

Small heating appliances are popular

Take a look at the store, consumers can find that whether it is a special electrical appliance store or an all-inclusive supermarket, the heating electrical equipment is in a conspicuous position, the heater continues to blow out warm air, and the "little sun" keeps rotating to show the heating effect. Oil heaters and baseboard heaters focus on "saving electricity" and "crushing floor heating". According to the on-site professional sales staff, affected by the temperature factor, the sales of heating appliances have risen sharply recently, and many consumers come to the store every day to compare the functions of heaters and buy suitable heaters.

The reporter saw on the e-commerce platform that the price of baseboard electric heaters ranged from 200~2000 yuan, and the monthly sales were 8000+. Many consumers praised the product in their evaluations as "small power consumption", "fast heating", "humidification function" and "very smart". However, the power of such goods is high, and consumers should pay attention to whether the goods are marked with trademarks, places of origin, manufacturer names, production dates, and whether they are accompanied by product certificates, instruction manuals, warranty cards, etc. When using, you must read the instructions carefully to understand the use of heating appliances and prevent safety accidents.

In addition to the popularity of household heating equipment, "office cold artifact" has gradually become a new trend of warm consumption, graphene hot water bottles, graphene heating shoes, heating cushions, desktop heaters, and thermostatic coasters frequently appear on the recommended homepage of social platforms. This kind of product takes into account the needs of young people, in addition to the quality of the pass, the design is "high value", with the popular trend, this year's color design from the previous Morandi to "dopamine color".

The hot pot market is also hot

It was cold and windy outside, and it was steaming inside. Eating a hot pot in cold weather is so happy! After the winter cools down, all kinds of hot pot ingredients and hot pot base materials have also entered the sales season, and the major supermarkets have begun to revitalize the "hot pot festival", in the supermarket's food sales area, fish balls, meatballs, egg dumplings, meat rolls and other essential ingredients for hot pot are placed in the freezer to be full, and from time to time there will be citizens to buy.

Prefabricated food brands have also begun to squeeze into the market, on November 11, Wei Zhixiang said on the interactive platform that the company is currently launching the Wei Zhixiang hot pot season, the bottom of the pot has a signature tomato pot, butter spicy pot, three fresh pots, etc., shabu vegetables have selected beef/mutton rolls, handmade shrimp slips, Chaoshan flavor pills, hairy belly slices, yellow throat, bell rolls, shrimp lucky bags, crab roe flavor packs, black chicken rolls and dozens of other hot pot ingredients.

In order to facilitate the public's purchase, many fresh e-commerce platforms have launched a "hot pot season", with pot bases, ingredients, and dipping sauces all in one stop.

The reporter clicked on the T11 applet of the imported supermarket, and the propaganda of "Xiaoxue Shabu mutton" came into view. Haidilao, Little Sheep, Longmenkan and other brands of hot pot base can be selected at will. On the homepage of the Hema APP, in the "hot pot to home", sheep and scorpion hot pot, Thai tom yum hot pot, Hainan coconut chicken hot pot, and Chaoshan beef hot pot are simply dazzling. The bottom of the pot is rich, and the shabu-shabu is a wide variety of dishes, such as meat rolls, seafood, and soy products.

Open Douyin, in the "Hot Pot Ingredients" live broadcast column, all kinds of hot pot package sales continue to stimulate consumers with visual effects and low-price promotions. Some anchors even directly engaged in copper pot shabu mutton. Anjing, which specializes in hot pot ingredients, has sold a total of 9,5 hot pot season packages in the Douyin live broadcast room. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the live broadcast room of this veteran hot pot ingredient manufacturer had already started shouting, "Hot pot season, once a year". And the package that the anchor is promoting has also sold 2,4 orders.

Judging from the setting of the "hot pot festival" on the e-commerce platform, hot pot consumption shows a trend of growing regional hot pot popularity and niche hot pot constantly coming out of the circle.

Xu Xiao