Recently, in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, in the modern agricultural industrial park of Guanlu Town, Tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables are growing gratifyingly, farmers are busy harvesting, it is understood that this year's winter vegetables are on the market a week earlier than in the past. Since the beginning of winter, Shandong Tai'an area has experienced several cold wave weather, the local temperature, humidity, light, ventilation and disease prevention and control of intelligent management, the temperature of the vegetable greenhouse is maintained at about 22 degrees, a large temperature has not had an impact on the growth of vegetables, to ensure that the stubble of vegetables grow well, local farmers have also increased a lot of income.

Culai town vegetables harvested in advance, and in Liangzhuang town a new crop of spinach also entered the market, in the vegetable wholesale market, all over the country to purchase vegetables of the vehicle in an endless stream, the local use of greenhouse winter interval, in 5000 winter warm vegetable greenhouses in the selection of cold-resistant, high-quality, high-yield, suitable for market demand spinach varieties to increase a stubble planting, rotation area of 15,3 acres, about 40 days can be listed.

Tai'an City is the main production area of winter vegetables in Shandong, 98,7000 acres of winter warm vegetable greenhouses, this year, the local development and construction of the "Tai'an agricultural socialization service data platform", set information collection, data analysis, guidance production and other functions in one, for nearly <>,<> agricultural cooperatives to provide the whole industry chain integration and efficient services, greatly improving the yield and quality of vegetables.

(Liu Xinqu, Guo Rongxue, Xu Beibei, Producer, Le Xiaomin, Tai'an Radio and Television Station)

Editor in charge: [Luo Pan]