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"Do you have a baby who stays up late with a yellow face and a face full of acne, go to the No. 2 link, a universal card, to solve the top ten problems of your skin..."

Wang Lu (pseudonym), a resident of Chaoyang District, Beijing, accidentally clicked into the live broadcast room of an Internet celebrity when he swiped his mobile phone, and that night was a special session on medical beauty, and in the anchor's voice of "medical beauty is a hundred times more effective than skin care" and "super low price is no longer missed", Wang Lu spent more than 2700,<> yuan to buy a "universal skin card" in the live broadcast room.

However, the process of offline card verification was not as smooth as Wang Lu imagined. When she contacted the store, she found that the only person in charge of the reception was a staff member who claimed to be a "beauty consultant", and the other party could not produce any medical identification. The so-called face-to-face consultation is that the consultant uses a facial instrument, takes several facial photos of her under different lights, and directly imports the data into the computer - the facial photos presented on the computer can be described as "miserable".

"All she said was to exacerbate my appearance anxiety and then ask me to buy more expensive items on top of the original card items. Wang Lu said that from the "universal card" in the mouth of the anchor in the live broadcast room to the on-site consultant who said that she could only "basic skin care", her enthusiasm for consumption was extinguished at once, and she finally chose to return the card after some ridicule.

This can't help but make Wang Lu bluntly say: The live broadcast of medical beauty is "too deep".

In recent years, live streaming of medical cosmetology has become popular, and many medical cosmetology projects have been listed on the shelves and purchased in group purchases in the live broadcast room. However, a recent investigation and interview by a reporter from the "Rule of Law Daily" found that the live broadcast of the live broadcast room of medical cosmetology was full of various appearance anxiety words, suspected of exaggerating false propaganda, etc., and many consumers reported various problems after purchasing medical cosmetology items in the live broadcast room.

Is it possible to sell medical cosmetology projects in the live broadcast room? Is the so-called "price-breaking" and "low-price" medical cosmetology projects credible? Is there a situation where offline consumption does not match the promised content of the live broadcast room? With these questions, the reporter launched an investigation and interview.

Live streaming focuses on medical beauty

The promotion of sale may be unlawful

"When the season changes, the baby's skin is always dry and itchy, all because of lack of water, our first link is for the sisters with serious skin dehydration, there are only two orders left, and they don't make up after shooting, and they go directly to the next link. ”


As night fell, the major medical beauty live broadcast rooms began to be active. Under the emotional narration of the exquisite makeup anchor, all kinds of medical beauty projects have been put on the shelves, from basic photoelectric projects, to injection injections, top hyaluronic acid, and elf ears.

According to the reporter's observation, the types of medical cosmetology live broadcast anchors are roughly divided into two categories, one is that the medical cosmetology institution conducts live broadcasts through the official account, in this case, the product links on the shelves correspond to the services of the institution, and the anchor is also contacted or selected by the institution itself. There is also a type of big V with many fans, who usually launch corresponding card items in the medical beauty special session, corresponding to different projects. Each card can be consumed in many different medical aesthetic institutions across the country, in this case, the anchor is the big V himself, and occasionally a medical aesthetic consultant will participate together, but the staff of the relevant institutions will not appear in the live broadcast room.

In addition to e-commerce platforms and short video platforms, some medical beauty live broadcast rooms have begun to transfer to private domain live broadcasts. During this year's "Double 11", Ms. Dai from Chaoyang, Beijing, was pulled into a chat group called "A Medical Beauty Institution's Girlfriend Night Welfare Spike" by a friend.

On the night of "Double 11", the staff of the institution threw out a QR code in the chat group, and after scanning it, they directly entered the "Love Shopping" applet, and the anchor was enthusiastically introducing the product, and the window has been put on the shelves of "Water and Light Freedom Card", "Swan Neck Custom Card", "Universal Anti-aging Card" and other goods. "If it weren't for this way, it would be hard to find such a live broadcast room. Ms. Dai said.

It is worth noting that the entry of medical aesthetic products into the live broadcast room may be suspected of violating the law.

Li Cenyan, director of Beijing Zhijin Law Firm, told reporters that according to the "Measures for the Administration of Medical Advertising", medical advertising refers to advertisements that use various media or forms to directly or indirectly introduce medical institutions or medical services. There is a relationship of interest between the anchor and the medical aesthetic institution behind it, and the promotion and sale of medical aesthetic products to the public in the live broadcast room undoubtedly belongs to the category of medical advertising. If it is a medical advertisement, it is necessary to apply for a review of the medical advertisement before publication, and obtain a medical advertisement review certificate.

"Even if the medical advertisement has passed the review, the content of the advertisement should be limited to the name of the medical institution, address, medical department, contact number, etc. Li Cengyan said that it is obvious that the words of most of the existing anchors in the live broadcast room of medical cosmetology violate the relevant provisions of China's Advertising Law and the "Measures for the Administration of Medical Advertising".

Wu Di, a lawyer at Beijing Deheng Law Firm, said that medical aesthetic live streaming requires the permission or qualification of relevant medical institutions to ensure the legality and safety of medical operations. To a certain extent, the phenomenon of live broadcast rooms becoming a sales platform for medical aesthetic projects provides consumers with a more direct way to understand and purchase, but the anchors are usually not medical professionals, and their recommendations may lack professionalism and objectivity. In this case, consumers need to be more vigilant, and relevant authorities also need to strengthen supervision to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of live content.

"Breaking the price" has become the main selling point

Implicit problem of counterfeit parallel goods

One of the main points in the live broadcast room of medical cosmetology is "breaking the price" and "low price".

In some medical beauty live broadcast rooms, the "spike price" is directly marked in the product link, and the original price is displayed for comparison. For example, in the live broadcast room of a medical aesthetic institution in Beijing, the original price of 7999 yuan for the Peninsula ultrasound gun (face) in the live broadcast room is 2999 yuan, and the original price of 12999 yuan for the ultrasound gun (face + neck + eyes) in the live broadcast room is 4599 yuan.

Some anchors will even say that the price of the live broadcast room has fallen below a discount. For example, in the live broadcast room of a blogger's medical beauty, a "local BUFF card", according to the anchor, 2299 yuan contains 6 items, and ultraphotons and facial acid brushing are also given, and the average price is 328 yuan each. "It is equivalent to 328 yuan to make an ultrasonic gun, which is lower than the market price. ”

Why can the live broadcast room of medical cosmetology be so low?

Mr. Wang, a partner of a medical cosmetology institution in Dalian, Liaoning Province, told reporters that the price of some medical cosmetology live broadcast rooms is not only lower than the offline sales price, but even far lower than the cost price. For example, 99 yuan of photons, 1999 yuan of Juvederm hyaluronic acid, if the purchase channel is regular, the actual purchase price is definitely more than this number, every time the merchant is losing money, but some merchants want to squeeze the market and seize customers through this form.

"The customer acquisition cost of the medical aesthetic industry accounts for a very heavy proportion, which can account for 40% to 50% of the store's operating costs. Therefore, when the live broadcast of medical cosmetology was on the rise, many institutions flocked to it, regarding the live broadcast as a platform and channel to break the game. Meng Yi'an has been engaged in the operation of the medical cosmetology industry for more than 5 years, and she told reporters that the low price or even "broken price" of the live broadcast of medical cosmetology is partly due to the price war of large institutions, and some of them may be replaced by fakes and parallel imports, which brings risks to the health of beauty seekers.

Meng Yi'an said that under the current market, in order to develop rapidly, some institutions are doing live broadcasts with money, which leads to many hidden dangers. For example, she said: A medical beauty institution, in cooperation with Internet celebrity anchors, sold tens of millions of yuan of medical beauty card sets, but the institution itself needs to subsidize too much money, which directly leads to the rupture of the medical beauty group's capital chain, many consumer card items cannot be written off, and the institution itself is difficult to sustain.

Deng Liqiang, executive director of the China Health Law Society, mentioned in an interview that medical cosmetology is the earliest market-oriented medical project, and marketization has triggered a price war for institutions. "A reasonable price is what the entire medical cosmetology industry should restrict, if the live broadcast room 'breaks the price' and 'falls below the floor price' at every turn, then there is either the problem of profiteering at the original price behind it, or unfair competition. ”

In Li Cenyan's view, the huge price difference between the medical beauty live broadcast room and the physical store is unreasonable. This kind of low price exceeding the general cost price will obviously damage the interests of those merchants who have not advertised or operated in the live broadcast room, and is an act of unfair competition.

The experience was not as good as it could have been

Recommend more items repeatedly

In practice, many interviewed consumers said that they went to the live broadcast room to "gather wool", but the actual offline experience was not satisfactory.

In May this year, Ms. Pi from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province bought a 5 yuan electro-optical card in the live broadcast room, and the anchor made it clear that a medical aesthetic institution in Shenzhen can provide Fotona 1999Dpro mode (Eurostar, anti-aging project), and the minimum is guaranteed for 4 minutes. However, when they arrived at the scene, the staff of the institution did not mention the absence of the project before the verification, and promised that Ms. Pi was suitable for the anti-aging project, but after scanning the QR code of the card coupon for verification, she told Ms. Pi, "We don't have this machine." The private message anchor was after-sales, but the other party said, "The store reported the wrong item." In the end, after some arguing, the store agreed to a full refund.

"The number of posts and the promotion of orders are a common routine of medical beauty live broadcast. Mr. Wang, a partner of the above-mentioned medical cosmetology institution, said that most of the live broadcast rooms sell optoelectronic instruments such as ultrasound guns, and the recommended number of rounds given by the manufacturer when selling is generally a wide range, such as a normal face, by judging its sagging, the manufacturer's recommended number of shots is in the range of 500 to 800 shots. "However, when the live broadcast room is sold at a low price, because each shot has a cost, the number of shots will be reduced to the lowest in the range during the live broadcast, and when consumers write it off offline, the agency will use the excuse that the standard of the live broadcast room is not applicable to everyone, and it is recommended to increase the number of shots, so that consumers can pay a certain amount of additional fees. ”

On social platforms and third-party complaint platforms, complaints related to medical cosmetology live broadcasts, There are many dissatisfactions, including: when the anchor promises to refund directly without verification, the store is not verified, but the medical beauty institution and the anchor do not agree to the refund; the medical beauty project bought in the live broadcast room is written off without being used in the hospital, and the application for refund is fruitless; after placing an order for the medical beauty group card in the live broadcast room, the appointment has not been made; the hospital equipment does not support scanning the code to verify the authenticity, and offline consumption also requires additional money to upgrade the order; in the live broadcast room, it is clearly said that it is a medical beauty card that is available at all times, but when contacting the medical beauty institution to make an appointment, it is said that it cannot be used on weekends...

At work, Meng Yi'an has seen many "pits" in the live broadcast room of medical cosmetology. On the one hand, institutions may make a fuss about the quantity when offline consumption, and it is difficult to have an effect if the quantity is not enough, and on the other hand, the doctor's qualifications are insufficient and the craftsmanship is not perfect. There may also be a situation of "selling dog meat on the head of a sheep", and some small institutions may use consumables that have not been authorized and approved by the state to operate, that is, "parallel imports" or even fakes.

Meng Yi'an believes that the current medical cosmetology live broadcast room has reached the stage of fast food marketing, and it seems that the project is very rich in content, but it is not suitable for everyone. The marketing model of most institutions is to attract traffic to the hospital at a low price, and upgrade the order to more advanced products or packages, but the beauty consultant will recommend high-profit projects indiscriminately for the sake of performance, such as ultrasound guns, people who are too fat will cause apple muscles to sag, and people who are too thin will have sunken cheeks after playing, and it is not recommended to do anti-aging projects if they are not over 28 years old, but beauty consultants will not care, because of ultrasound fire, so as long as they have relevant demands in the hospital, they will recommend it.

"In addition, today's beauty seekers often do not fix themselves in a hospital or an institution or even a doctor to do projects, some people want to pick up wool here and wool there, but in fact, this often buries a lot of hidden dangers for themselves. Meng Yi'an said.

Wu Di said that if consumers buy medical aesthetic items or products online, but the actual offline consumption does not match the promise, it may constitute false advertising or fraud. In this case, the consumer has the right to request a refund or to receive the corresponding service according to the content purchased online. It is recommended that consumers keep the proof of purchase and relevant evidence when they encounter similar situations, and communicate with the merchant to solve the problem. If the merchant refuses to reasonably solve the problem, the consumer can file a complaint with the consumer protection department or regulatory authority for help and protect his legitimate rights and interests.

Rectify the chaos of medical beauty live broadcast

It is recommended that the anchor hold a certificate to work

In addition, the anchor's speech in the live broadcast room of medical cosmetology is also full of "routines".

Medical beauty projects often need to be selected after a face-to-face consultation, but in some medical beauty live broadcast rooms, the anchor will promise that a certain product "can solve all problem skin" and "as long as there is red acne, it can be cured after a few courses of treatment". There are also anchors who will sell appearance anxiety to "stimulate" consumers to place orders.

In Wu Di's view, medical aesthetic projects involve great individual differences, and it is necessary to conduct face-to-face consultations and professional assessments based on individual conditions in order to formulate an effective plan. It is often irresponsible to exaggerate the efficacy of a product or promise that "all problem skin" can be solved in a live broadcast. Such claims can easily mislead consumers, lead to false expectations of aesthetic procedures, and may pose risks to consumers' health. As a consumer, it is necessary to look at medical aesthetic products and programs rationally, and at the same time choose qualified and reputable institutions for face-to-face consultation and consultation, so as to avoid being misled by false publicity.

Wu Di believes that the rise of medical cosmetology live streaming is accompanied by a series of problems, and the reasons behind it may involve various factors such as inadequate supervision, insufficient industry self-discipline, and commercial interests. In order to attract attention and sales, some streamers may exaggerate the promotional content and lack professionalism and responsibility. At the same time, regulatory loopholes can easily allow bad behavior to flourish.

For the live broadcast of medical cosmetology, the relevant regulations are on the way.

In May this year, the State Administration for Market Regulation and other 5 departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision of the Medical Cosmetology Industry", which stipulates that relevant departments shall increase the supervision of market entities engaged in medical cosmetology diagnosis and treatment consultation and medical guidance activities according to their duties, standardize the online information content release behavior of relevant entities, and strictly prohibit the provision of diagnosis and treatment consultation for beauty institutions that have not obtained the "Medical Institution Practice License" or "Clinic Record Certificate" in accordance with the law. Medical guidance services strictly prohibit persons without corresponding physician qualifications or medical and pharmaceutical knowledge from engaging in medical cosmetology diagnosis and treatment consultation, medical guidance services, or using the Internet to publish professional information content related to the medical field such as the popularization of medical cosmetology knowledge.

In December last year, the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Bureau formulated and issued the "Sichuan Provincial Administrative Compliance Guidance List in the Field of Medical Cosmetology Webcasting", which takes the entry, marketing, payment and other links of medical cosmetology webcast as the entry point, sets out the legal basis for the compliance of various live-streaming marketing entities (including beauty medical institutions, live-streaming marketing platforms, live-streaming room operators, live-streaming marketers, live-streaming marketing personnel service agencies, etc.), and puts forward administrative compliance suggestions, so as to facilitate live-streaming marketing entities quickly, concisely, and Accurately investigate the risk points of administrative punishments, familiarize yourself with laws and regulations closely related to medical cosmetology live marketing, and help marketing entities strengthen their compliance awareness and effectively prevent the occurrence of illegal acts.

Li Cenyan suggested that relevant departments should insist on cracking down on the chaos of medical beauty live broadcasts. In the process of cracking down, the industry is warned and educated by grasping typical examples and publishing typical cases. Medical cosmetology live broadcast anchors need to be trained and certified to work, otherwise the medical cosmetology institutions and live broadcast personnel involved will be fined, blocked and other punishments, and the platform that provides live broadcast shall also bear joint and several liability. If the medical aesthetic products cause damage to consumers, they shall be refunded one and compensated three in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, and punitive damages shall be paid.