Iraq: Resignation of the governor of Nineveh province, Najm al-Jubouri

In Iraq, Prime Minister Mohamed Shia el-Sudani accepted the resignation of the governor of the northern province of Nineveh, where the city of Mosul is located. He had submitted his resignation after parliament refused to exempt him for links to the former regime and Saddam Hussein's Baath Party.

French President Emmanuel Macron and the company of the governor of Iraq's Nineveh province, Najm al-Jubouri, in Mosul, northern Iraq, in August 2021. AP - STR

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With our correspondent in Baghdad, Marie-Charlotte Roupie

Najm al-Jubouri had been the governor of Nineveh province since 2019. The retired Sunni general is well known in Iraq for leading the command of operations during the battle for Mosul against ISIS fighters.

After four years as governor, he resigned on Sunday, November 26. At issue, Parliament rejected his request to be exempted from the procedures of the "Responsibilities and Justice" law.

The purpose of this law is to remove from any position of responsibility, civilian or military, members of the party that supported Saddam Hussein's former regime, the Baath Party, which is now banned. The legislation was derived from a measure taken by the US administrator of Iraq, Paul Bremer, after the overthrow of the regime in 2003.

The government's support for Najm al-Jubouri's request was therefore not enough. His departure comes just a few weeks before the local elections that will appoint the members of the provincial councils.

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