As long as a poem is read, the AI can "match the picture" according to the content of the poem; AI fundus disease screening can accurately scan the fundus condition to the patient's mobile phone, and can also make a scientific and accurate diagnosis... On November 11, the 23nd Global Digital Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Digital Trade Fair") opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

China has become a major country in digital trade, ranking first in the world in terms of e-commerce transaction volume and mobile payment transaction scale. As an important platform to comprehensively display the latest achievements of China's digital trade, this year's Digital Trade Fair brought together more than 800 digital trade enterprises, raised more than 100 debut and debut results, and brought a large number of new technologies, new products, new services and new scenarios in the field of digital trade to online and offline audiences.

The new achievements of digital trade are eye-catching

In the Silk Road E-commerce Pavilion, the "Yiwu Commodity City" exhibition area is quite eye-catching. The exhibition area focuses on the layout of "people, goods and yard chain", focusing on the three international trade sectors of platform, payment and logistics. For example, the Chinagoods platform is a symbol of the digitalization of trade and the integrated development of online and offline in Yiwu market, and this time it brings three new AI intelligent products, namely "small business AI", "AI commodity intelligent release" and "AI digital human".

"The AI big data model is closely developed around Yiwu trade applications, such as the intelligent translation tool in the trade AI application, which can realize seamless switching between 11 Chinese languages and solve the problem of language barriers in trade." An exhibitor staff said.

On the big screen, the R&D scenes of returnee young scientists are played; At the booth, the whole process of biotechnology products from R&D to production using digital technology was shown... Walking into the booth of Hangzhou Transfar Science and Technology City, the breath of digital medicine came to my face.

The booth fully demonstrated the in-depth integration and application of information technology and life sciences promoted by Transfar Science and Technology City. "With the help of digital platforms, it is an important means to realize the cluster development of biotechnology enterprises by mining the common needs of enterprises, responding to the individual needs of enterprises, forming regional industrial brains, and improving the efficiency of operation services." Chen Tao, President of Hangzhou Transfar Science and Technology City Co., Ltd., said that at present, Transfar Science and Technology City has introduced and cultivated more than 100 biotechnology enterprises.

The "Belt and Road" cross-border trade highlights are frequent

In the global supply chain layout of Freshippo, the "Belt and Road" market has attracted much attention. Fresh Indonesian mangosteen, cherries imported from Chile, Vietnamese cashew nuts, French cheese and wine, health products from the UK, ice cream from Australia and Russia, juice from Brazil... At the Hema booth, there was a dazzling array of products.

Cross-border trade requires payment and adaptation to local consumption scenarios, and many innovative enterprises and technical means have emerged. In the process of promoting the globalization strategy, the exhibitor Lianlian Digital focused on the business layout of the "Belt and Road", set up a localized team with stronger service capabilities and better understanding of the local market, and provided multilingual customer service support. Relying on the global payment network, we work with industry partners to create a comprehensive digital payment solution covering collection, payment, acquiring, exchange, digital marketing, operation support and other services. While helping Chinese enterprises to expand the "Belt and Road" market, it also promotes enterprises from "Belt and Road" countries to enter the global market.

At the exhibition, many exhibitors demonstrated their strong ability to help businesses go overseas. The AI digital human live streaming services launched by Qianxun, Yuanwang, Douyin e-commerce and Kuaishou e-commerce, as well as Pinduoduo, Hema and Taobao Live, have provided new options for a large number of merchants aiming to go overseas.

Build consensus on digital trade rules and standards

This year's Digital Trade Fair pays great attention to the discussion of international rules in the field of digital trade, and a series of forum meetings have conducted in-depth discussions on the current forward-looking issues of digital trade. For example, 10 thematic forums, such as Silk Road e-commerce, digital trade rule of law, digital cultural trade, digital finance, and DEPA high-standard economic and trade rules, focused on the exchange of "Silk Road e-commerce" international cooperation mechanism, trade digitalization and the construction of the rule of law system of digital trade, further improvement of digital trade rules, and international governance of intellectual property rights in the digital economy.

"In the long run, how to tap the gold mine of data and how to open up the new frontier of data, including how to avoid data monopoly and carry out compliant use, will definitely be an urgent issue for all major enterprises to consider." In this regard, Ding Lei, CEO of NetEase Group, said.

Digital trade is gaining momentum, but digital trade rules need to be established and improved urgently. Cheng Huifang, dean of the China Institute of Digital Economy and Global Economic and Trade Rules of Zhejiang University of Technology, has been engaged in related research for many years, and in her view, in the new benefit distribution game around digital economy and trade and digital trade rules, countries are almost on the same starting line. Through a large platform that gathers global wisdom and solicits opinions from all parties to formulate digital trade rules, China can enhance its voice in digital trade rules.

The relevant person in charge of the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that it will make full use of the results of this digital trade fair, build consensus on rules and standards, take the lead in the opening up of the service industry and digital development, shape new advantages in international cooperation and competition, and create a "Hangzhou model" for the expansion and opening up of the service industry.

Zou Qiran, Che Hui, Wang Xianru

Zou Qiran, Che Hui, Wang Xianru