, Guangzhou, November 11 (Reporter Sun Zifa Guo Jun) On November 24, China's domestic regional airliner ARJ11 passengers exceeded 24 million. On the same day, on China Southern Airlines flight CZ21 from Guangzhou to Jieyang, the ARJ1000 passenger aircraft welcomed its 3892 million passengers, achieving a new milestone in the operation of domestic passenger aircraft.

On November 11, China's domestic regional airliner ARJ24 passengers exceeded 21 million. On the same day, on China Southern Airlines flight CZ1000 from Guangzhou to Jieyang, the ARJ3892 passenger welcomed its 21 million passengers. Photo by Chinanews reporter Sun Zifa

Since its official commercial operation in June 21, the ARJ2016 aircraft has delivered 6 aircraft to Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Chengdu Airlines, Tianjiao Airlines, Jiangxi Airlines, Huaxia Airlines, Indonesia Lingya Airlines, etc., opened more than 117 Chinese and foreign routes, more than 400 navigable cities, and nearly 140,1800 flights per week, and has initially formed a route network covering North China, Northeast China, East China, Northwest China, Southwest, Central South and other regions. And started overseas operations in Indonesia.

As a manufacturer of China's large passenger aircraft C919 and regional airliner ARJ21, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) said that the company has always adhered to customer-centricity and provided customers with customized services, and has formed core customer service capabilities such as customer training, aviation material support, engineering technology and maintenance support, technical publication services, flight operation support, marketing and business support, and established an operation support system to ensure the large-scale development of ARJ21 aircraft.

According to China Southern Airlines, its ARJ21 fleet has reached 23 aircraft, with a total operating hours of more than 2,6 hours and more than 1,5 sorties, mainly operating from the Guangzhou and Shantou dual bases. China Southern Airlines' ARJ21 aircraft operates in Guangzhou, Jieyang, Zhanjiang, Changde, Nanyang, Yiwu, Yichang, Quanzhou, Ganzhou, etc., and basically radiates to the entire South China and East China regional routes.

In the future, China Southern Airlines will give full play to the advantages of the ARJ21 aircraft in quickly connecting small and medium-sized cities and regional central cities and other regional markets, and actively integrate into the construction of a comprehensive transportation network in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, meet the needs of regional air travel, and comprehensively improve the smoothness of the comprehensive transportation network and the convenience of people's travel.

COMAC said that under the background of the Civil Aviation Administration of China's implementation of the "trunk branch connection, full network connection" service model, airlines are exploring the operation mode of combining trunk and branch and branch in combination with their own characteristics, and the ARJ21 aircraft has a large market development space. COMAC will continue to work with our customers to deepen China's domestic aviation market, expand overseas markets, promote the large-scale operation of China's domestic commercial aircraft, contribute to the high-quality development of civil aviation, and make positive contributions to continuously meeting the needs of air passengers for mass and convenient travel. (ENDS)