, November 11 (China News Financial Reporter Wu Tao Ge Cheng) With Microsoft CEO Nadella throwing out an "olive branch", OpenAI founder Sam Altman (Sam Altman) is suspected of finally landing in the dust, but things may be far from being so simple, the latest news says that more than ninety percent of OpenAI's employees wrote a joint letter asking the company's board of directors to resign.

Ultraman's final fate is still uncertain

"We are very pleased to announce that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will join Microsoft with colleagues to lead a new advanced AI research team. We look forward to quickly providing them with the resources they need to ensure their success." On November 11, local time, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced on social platforms that Ultraman, who was dismissed by the OpenAI board of directors, would join Microsoft.

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"We remain committed to our collaboration with OpenAI and are confident in our product roadmap, all the innovation capabilities we announced at Microsoft Ignite, and our continued support for our customers and partners." We look forward to connecting with and working with Emmett Shear and OpenAI's new leadership team." Nadella said.

Back on November 11, OpenAI announced that Altman will no longer serve as the company's CEO and will leave the company's board of directors, and Brockman, the company's co-founder and president, will no longer serve as chairman of the board.

The news quickly attracted attention because OpenAI incubated its star product, ChatGPT. According to the data, OpenAI was founded in 2015 and has become the world's leading AI company in just a few years, making a name for itself with ChatGPT and leading the trend of large-scale model entrepreneurship, with a current market value of about $800 billion.

According to foreign media sources, Emmett Hill, co-founder of the video streaming site Twitch, will take over as interim CEO.

There is also news that Altman may still return to work at OpenAI after joining Microsoft. Some analysts believe that Microsoft suddenly likes to mention the AI industry bigwig, and the stock price has risen sharply, or the biggest winner of this "palace fight".

Most of the employees "sided" with Ultraman

It is worth noting that OpenAI employees are not satisfied with the board of directors' dismissal of Ultraman. According to Forbes News, on the 20th local time, more than 700 employees of OpenAI signed a joint letter demanding the resignation of the company's board of directors.

You know, OpenAI only has about 770 employees in total. This means that more than <>% of employees have signed the joint letter.

Data map: On May 2023, 5 local time, Sam Altman, then CEO of OpenAI, attended a hearing held by the Privacy, Technology, and Law Committee of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile, Ilya Sutskever, the company's chief scientist who is believed to be the mastermind of the incident, signed the letter and tweeted that she deeply regretted her participation in the board.

On overseas social platforms, many people left messages under Ultraman's tweet saying "OpenAI is nothing without its people" (OpenAI is useless without employees). The people who left the message included both OpenAI's engineers and the company's CTO and COO. Ultraman "liked" a lot of similar comments.

Altman's latest tweet said: "Nadella and I remain a top priority to ensure that OpenAI continues to thrive, and the partnership between OpenAI and Microsoft makes this goal very feasible."

OpenAI's "civil strife", what does ChatGPT think?

As an artificial intelligence company, whether the founder Altman should leave ChatGPT may have the most say, after all, it is the most "intelligent", so how does it answer?

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When asked, "Do you think OpenAI founder Sam Altman should be fired?" ChatGPT replied, "I don't have a personal opinion as an AI model, and I don't have the ability to make judgments about whether an individual should be fired." This is a complex issue that often depends on the specific situation within the company, the decisions of the leadership, the performance of the company, and many other factors. The decision to dismiss senior management is usually made by the company's board of directors and senior management based on a combination of considerations. ”

In addition, ChatGPT did not know anything about the departure of its company's founder, Altman, when asked, "What do you think about OpenAI founder Sam Altman being fired from the board of directors?" ChatGPT replied: "The first date I know (January 2022), I don't have any information about OpenAI founder Sam Altman being fired by the board of directors. ”

"If such a fluctuation does occur, the evaluation of the incident may depend on the reasons for the write-off and the impact on OpenAI's future. Write-offs may be due to personal reasons, strategic adjustments, different directions or factors in the direction of the company's development. ChatGPT said.

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Why did Ultraman leave? Accounts differ and opinions vary

Regarding Ultraman's dismissal by the Board of Directors, the Board believes that Ultraman has been "not always candid" in communicating with the Board of Directors, hindering him from fulfilling his duties, and that "the Board no longer believes in Ultraman's ability to continue to lead OpenAI".

OpenAI employees may not think so, though. According to Bloomberg, the signed letter from the employee indicates that it is "incapable of working or working with employees who lack talent, judgment and do not care about the company's mission."

Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile and entrepreneur of large-scale model application development, believes that OpenAI is divided into four factions, one side is OpenAI commercial company represented by Ultraman, the other side is a non-profit organization represented by the board of directors, and Microsoft, the major shareholder, and most of the employees who "give more money and follow whom".

"Not long ago, OpenAI released the GPT store, and wants to rely on the application to share commercialization, but the board members do not hold shares, and it has little to do with them whether they make money or not, they pay more attention to scientific research and AI security, and the board of directors is likely to bind shareholders in the company's articles of association."

Aside from OpenAI's board of directors, there is currently no other authoritative source to answer why Ultraman left the company. (ENDS)