, Beijing, Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- Since the beginning of this year, the China Development Bank has issued more than 21 billion yuan of special loans for energy supply

China News Financial Reporter Wang Enbo

The reporter learned from the China Development Bank on the 21st that the bank continued to make good use of the special differentiated policy, and issued special loans for energy supply of more than 1000 billion yuan this year, accurately supporting the main coal producing areas and key coal enterprises to increase the supply of thermal coal, supporting Hebei, Liaoning and other disaster-stricken areas and key power enterprises in key areas of power supply and heating to reserve thermal coal, and serve to ensure the warmth and supply of this winter and next spring.

At the same time, China Development Bank focuses on serving the construction of energy infrastructure, and actively supports the construction of national oil and gas pipeline networks and coastal LNG terminals to help ensure the safe and stable supply of natural gas. Based on services, actively and steadily promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, make full use of the People's Bank of China's special re-lending policy to support the clean and efficient use of coal, establish supporting mechanisms, promote the construction of key projects, and effectively reduce the financing costs of enterprises.

Up to now, the China Development Bank has supported the construction of 29 large-scale modern coal mines with a total production capacity of about 1 million tons per year and the construction of 15 coal-fired power projects with a total installed capacity of nearly 94 million kilowatts with the help of special re-lending policies.

China Development Bank said that in the next step, it will strengthen its functional positioning, focus on its main responsibilities and main businesses, serve national energy security, continue to do a solid job in energy supply and financial services with a sense of responsibility of "always rest assured", actively develop green finance, provide medium and long-term financing support for key projects of clean and efficient use of coal, and continue to contribute to the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. (ENDS)