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Flames on a gas stove: A savings potential of 34 percent

Photo: Marijan Murat / dpa

The falling prices for electricity and gas have now also reached the so-called basic suppliers. Since the beginning of September, the comparison portal Check24 has identified 279 cases of price reductions in the basic supply of gas and 202 cases of electricity. "However, gas and electricity in the basic supply remain expensive," the portal said.

According to the report, 40 percent of basic gas suppliers have reduced their prices by an average of ten percent since September 1. Nevertheless, three-quarters of the basic supply tariffs are still above the level of the statutory gas price brake of twelve cents per kilowatt hour.

Alternative providers, on the other hand, have been consistently below the price brake for months. According to Check24, a model household therefore saves around 34 percent by switching from the basic supply.

In the case of electricity, around a quarter of basic suppliers have so far lowered prices or announced that they will do so, according to Check24. According to the report, the reductions amounted to an average of eight percent. Switching to alternative providers offers a savings potential of 32 percent. Here, too, the majority of offers have been below the legal cap of 40 cents per kilowatt hour for some time.

The energy price brakes have been in effect since the beginning of the year. For a basic requirement of 80 percent of the previous year's consumption, the state pays the difference to the price cap. As things stand, the scheme expires at the end of December. the German government wants to extend it until the end of April, but still needs the approval of the EU.

Check24 advises consumers with terminable, more expensive contracts - for example in the basic service - to switch to cheaper providers at the latest when the price brakes expire.