8 yuan / only! The price of hairy crabs has been "beaten" down

The reason is that the market in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui is relatively saturated, and this year's "big" crabs have increased significantly

Approaching "Double 11", "knocking down the price of a certain commodity" has become a promotional mantra, and sometimes everyone can't tell the difference between real price reduction and fake promotion. However, the Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter visited the aquatic market and found that the price of hairy crabs this year has really been "beaten" down, and in the vegetable market, the female crabs of two taels are sold for 10 yuan a piece, and even some vendors have taken the initiative to reduce the price to 8 yuan a piece.

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Liu Liyuan

3 taels of male crabs dropped to 8 yuan per crab

In the Nanjing Fanxing Farmers' Market, on a long row of freshwater aquatic product stalls, there are several boxes of hairy crabs of different sizes. "Buy small ones if you eat them yourself, it's affordable." A stall owner sells his crabs to reporters. The price of two taels of female crabs and three taels of male crabs on the stall is 10 yuan, probably in a hurry to sell out the remaining crabs in the afternoon, and the stall owner took the initiative to reduce it to 8 yuan a piece. Other stalls are also about the same price, 2 two female crabs are sold for about 10 yuan each, the price reduction of the larger is more obvious, in previous years, the three or two female crabs were sold for about 20 yuan, this year only 13 to 16 yuan.

The price of hairy crabs in the wholesale market is also significantly lower than in previous years. Xing Jinrong Aquatic Products Wholesale Department of Nanjing Zhongcai Logistics sells about two tons of hairy crabs every day, the boss Xing Jinrong said that the total sales of crabs this year are similar to those of previous years, but the price has dropped a lot, and the price of male crabs is particularly obvious, such as the current wholesale price of four male crabs is 36 yuan a catty, which is about 10 yuan cheaper than last year, and the female crab of three taels is 55 yuan a catty, which is also a few yuan cheaper than last year.

As the saying goes, "nine females and ten males", the male crab in October of the lunar calendar is the time when the crab paste is full, and the crab roe of the female crab is already a little hard, but from the market feedback, it is still the female crab that is more popular.

"Prices are not expected to change significantly in the future"

Regarding the reason for the price reduction of hairy crabs, Xing Jinrong feels that on the one hand, there are more crab breeding in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui, and the market is somewhat saturated, on the other hand, because the specifications of hairy crabs are generally large this year, and the crabs in the market are obviously more than in previous years, and the price reduction is also the most obvious.

"Due to the low price this year, farmers have left some crabs in the pond and are reluctant to sell them." Xing Jinrong revealed that the peak season for hairy crabs is from October to November, and follow-up sales will generally last until around the Spring Festival. Crab farmers hope to keep more crabs and sell them at a good price in the future, but from the information he has learned, the stock of crabs is sufficient, and it is expected that the follow-up price will not change much.

In any case, the price reduction of hairy crabs is a good thing for citizens who like to eat crabs. Hairy crabs are cold and can't be eaten too much at a time, so you can also make mature drunk crabs or bald butter, keep them for a while and eat them slowly. The reporter also learned from the aquatic vendors the trick of selecting hairy crabs: in addition to seeing whether the hairy crabs are energetic and whether the belly is bulging, the hairy crabs can also focus on observing the "buttocks", which is actually the position where the abdominal navel and the crab shell are connected. (Yangtze Evening News)