, November 11 According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on November 2, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Innovation and Development of Humanoid Robots" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guiding Opinions"). The "Guiding Opinions" proposes to develop a humanoid robot "brain" based on a large artificial intelligence model, enhance environmental perception, behavior control, and human-computer interaction capabilities, and promote the collaborative deployment of cloud and edge intelligence.

Build a large model training database, innovate methods such as automatic data labeling, cleaning, and use, and expand high-quality multimodal data. Scientifically lay out the computing power of humanoid robots to accelerate the iteration of large model training and product applications. Develop the "cerebellum" that controls the movement of humanoid robots, build a motion control algorithm library, and establish a network control system architecture. For specific application scenarios, build simulation systems and training environments to accelerate technology iteration and reduce innovation costs.

The "Guiding Opinions" make it clear that we should make good use of the existing robot technology foundation, systematically deploy the key technology group of "robotic limbs", innovate the basic theory of human motion mechanics, create humanoid robotic arms, dexterous hands and legs and feet, and break through technologies such as lightweight and rigid-flexible coupling design, whole-body coordinated motion control, and arm dynamic grasping dexterous operation. Tackling key technologies of "machine body", breaking through technologies such as lightweight bones, high-strength body structure, and high-precision sensing, and developing humanoid robot power units and energy management technologies with high integration and long battery life.

The "Guiding Opinions" emphasize that it is necessary to build and improve the technological innovation system of the humanoid robot manufacturing industry, condense the list of key technologies, materials, enterprises, manufacturing equipment, quality, standards, key software, etc., and accurately promote the "making up for the shortcomings and forging the long". Support leading enterprises to take the lead in forming an innovation consortium with industry, academia, research and application, strengthen key technologies and product research, and gather the strength of all parties to accelerate the innovation process. Accelerate the integration of humanoid robots with cutting-edge technologies such as the metaverse and brain-computer interfaces, and explore interdisciplinary and cross-field innovation models.