China News Service, Beijing, November 11 (Reporter Liu Yuying) China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Innovation and Development of Humanoid Robots" on the 2nd, proposing that by 2, the whole machine products will reach the international advanced level, and achieve mass production, and be demonstrated and applied in special, manufacturing, people's livelihood services and other scenarios.

According to the "Guiding Opinions", humanoid robots integrate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, high-end manufacturing, and new materials, and are expected to become subversive products after computers, smartphones, and new energy vehicles.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in the interpretation that the Chinese humanoid robot industry has a certain foundation in the early stage, but there are still shortcomings and weaknesses in key basic components, operating systems, complete machine products, leading enterprises and industrial ecology, etc., and it is necessary to strengthen policy guidance, gather resources to promote key technological innovation, and cultivate new quality productivity.

The "Guiding Opinions" have made strategic arrangements in accordance with the three-year planning and five-year outlook. It is proposed that by 2025, the humanoid robot innovation system will be initially established, and a number of key technologies such as "brain, cerebellum, and limbs" will make breakthroughs to ensure the safe and effective supply of core components. The whole machine products have reached the international advanced level, and have achieved mass production, and have been demonstrated and applied in special, manufacturing, people's livelihood services and other scenarios, and explored the formation of effective governance mechanisms and means.

By 2027, the technological innovation ability of humanoid robots will be significantly improved, a safe and reliable industrial chain and supply chain system will be formed, an internationally competitive industrial ecology will be built, and the comprehensive strength will reach the world's advanced level. The industry has accelerated its large-scale development, with more abundant application scenarios, and related products have been deeply integrated into the real economy, becoming an important new engine of economic growth.

The "Guiding Opinions" deploy five tasks: breaking through key technologies, cultivating key products, expanding scenario applications, creating an industrial ecology, and strengthening support capabilities. (ENDS)