China News Service Xining, October 10 (Reporter Sun Rui) On the 28th, a container loaded with 28.1080 tons of PVC particles was cleared from Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and set off for Qingdao Port at Shuangzhai Railway Station, Huangzhong District, Xining City, and then shipped to Thailand and Malaysia, marking the smooth development of the first "Xining" rail-sea intermodal international train in Qinghai Province, opening up a new channel for "Qinghai goods to go to sea".

The picture shows the scene of the departure ceremony. Photo by Zhao Zijing

"In the past, there was no direct railway, and road transportation was used to the port, and this is the first attempt to transport from Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone to Qingdao Port through the 'rail-sea combined transport' train. Traditional transportation takes about 45 days, but the 'rail-sea combined transport' mode can achieve a single order, the transportation cycle can be saved by 10 days, and the transportation cost can be saved by nearly 15%. Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd. customs manager Bao Huizhang said.

Liu Guozheng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone, said that in order to give full play to the role of the open platform of Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the arrangement and distribution of trains for the first time adopted the "district-port linkage" mode, that is, local goods can be packed from Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone to Qingdao Port, and then shipped to foreign ports. At the same time, after the normalization of the "rail-sea intermodal transport" train, enterprises in Qinghai Province can directly book ships and space in the Xining Comprehensive Bonded Zone, and the goods can enter the comprehensive bonded zone for consolidation and packing, and quickly handle tax rebates in the zone, which can not only improve transportation efficiency, but also help enterprises save logistics costs, and then realize the benign development of channel logistics, logistics and economic and trade, and economic and trade industries. (ENDS)