China News Network, October 10 (Zhongxin Finance Zuo Yuqing) Recently, the well-known counterfeiter Wang Hai released a video saying that he received a fan submission, questioning Li Jiaqi's sale of fake Hetian jade, and the brand side intended to compensate consumers for 25,5 yuan but was rejected, and said that Li Jiaqi's Hetian jade "crazy little Yang brother" was also sold. On the 25th, a number of related topics rushed to Weibo hot search.

Wang Hai released a video saying that some consumers purchased the "Mandarin Duck Golden Building and Tian Jade Necklace" in Li Jiaqi's live broadcast room on September 9, and the goods received also came with an appraisal certificate of Hetian jade. However, after the consumer received the product, the result of the appraisal in the NGTC laboratory (National Jewelry and Jade Inspection Group Co., Ltd.) was: carbonate-tremolite jade necklace, not Hetian jade at all, and the identification certificate was also fake.

After the consumer reported the problem, the head of operation of Yuanyang Jinlou directly transferred 50,000 yuan to the consumer's WeChat, hoping to calm the matter, but the consumer refused.

Recently, the well-known fake fighter Wang Hai released a video saying that he received a submission from fans, questioning Li Jiaqi for selling fake Hetian jade.

Wang Hai said that at present, this "Mandarin Duck Jinlou Hetian Jade Necklace" priced at 597 yuan has been removed, and consumers who hope to buy this fake Hetian jade will hurry up to defend their rights. He specifically mentioned that this Hetian jade necklace Xiao Yang Ge has also been sold.

On the 25th, after the topic appeared on Weibo's hot search, Yuanyang Jinlou issued a statement saying that the anti-counterfeiting video was confusing, misleading, misinterpreting and other ways to guide consumers to think that the Hetian jade necklace products purchased in the Yuanyang Jinlou Tmall flagship store were detected as non-Hetian jade, which has seriously infringed on the commercial reputation and product reputation of Yuanyang Jinlou.

Regarding the dispute over the authenticity of Hetian jade, Yuanyang Jinlou posted an appraisal certificate and said that the Hetian jade necklace sold by its Tmall flagship store has been re-inspected by many domestic authoritative jade quality inspection institutions, including the National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (NGTC), Guangdong Gold and Silver Jewelry Testing Center Co., Ltd., the National Gold and Silver Products Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Nanjing), and Shenzhen Zhongdi Jewelry Testing Co., Ltd. The reports can prove that the Hetian jade necklace sold by its Tmall flagship store is a formal Hetian jade necklace that meets the standards.

The 50,000 yuan transfer record exposed in the video was said to be taken out of context. "The complete situation of this part, our company has called the police, handed it over to the police, and then waits for the relevant results of the police."

Whether Hetian jade is true or false, Wang Hai and the brand side have their own words. However, Zhongxin Finance noted that the national enterprise credit information publicity system showed that on July 7 this year, a jewelry store in Fuzhou City was punished by the Fuzhou Municipal Administration for Market Supervision for selling substandard products, and the manufacturer of the product was Shenzhen Yuanyang Jinlou Jewelry Co., Ltd.

Screenshot of information in the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System

According to the penalty information, the jewelry house purchased the "Yuanyang Jinlou" full gold zirconia ring and the foot platinum synthetic zircon ring from a jewelry wholesale market at a price of 2320,1098 yuan per piece and <>,<> yuan per piece respectively, and the manufacturer was identified as Shenzhen Yuanyang Jinlou Jewelry Co., Ltd., and did not check the product qualification certificate and other marks at the time of purchase. After sampling inspection by Jiangxi Provincial Gold and Silver Jewelry Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, the above product samples did not meet the standards and were judged to be unqualified. (End)