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Pipeline laying vessel off the beach of Lubmin: Associations had failed with urgent applications and a targeted construction stop

Photo: Stefan Sauer / dpa

The Stralsund Mining Authority has approved the last section and thus the complete connection pipeline for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal planned on Rügen. For the second sea section of the pipeline to the planned terminal in Mukran, the entire construction work and subsequent operation have also been approved, the authority announced.

The first section of the lake, which covers 26 kilometres from Lubmin through the Greifswald Bodden to the coast of south-east Rügen, had already been approved by the authority in August. The landing points in Lubmin and Mukran have also already been approved. Associations had failed with urgent applications and an intended stop to the construction of the pipeline before the Federal Administrative Court. (Read more about the battle for Rügen here.)

The laying work on the first section of the lake is well advanced. The mining authority had already approved dredging work for the second section of the lake. These could now be seamlessly continued with the laying and backfilling work, the authority said.

Procedure for the actual terminal is still ongoing

The pipeline will transport the liquefied natural gas delivered by ship in Mukran, where it will be returned to its gaseous state, to a hub in Lubmin, from where it will be distributed in the grid.

The federal government considers the terminal in Mukran to be necessary for the security of energy supply and wants it to be operational in winter. Critics speak of unneeded overcapacities and risks for the environment and tourism in the region.

Another licensing authority is responsible for the actual terminal in Mukran and the operation of the special vessels there. This procedure is still ongoing.