Guiyang, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- Guizhou leads the new track of digital economy

China News Agency reporter Liu Ziyun and Yuan Chao

"As of 2022, the growth rate of digital economy in Guizhou Province has ranked among the top three in the country for eight consecutive years." Lou Song, deputy director of the Guizhou Provincial Big Data Bureau, said that the compound growth rate of the digital economy in Guizhou in the past five years has reached 8.5%, ranking first in the country.

Recently, a reporter from China News Agency walked into Guiyang, the "Valley of China's Numbers", to explore how the local area relies on the location advantages of big data industry development, seizes new opportunities for digital economy strategy, and provides new momentum for high-quality economic and social development and industrial transformation and upgrading. In the interview, Lou Song introduced the relevant situation.

Computing power "builds the foundation" to promote the digital transformation of industries

As one of the regions with the largest concentration of large and ultra-large data centers in the world, Gui'an New Area has become the "big computer room" for data storage and computing in Guizhou. HUAWEI's world's largest data center base, HUAWEI CLOUD Data Center, is located here, mainly carrying computing power services and applications, providing key solutions for large enterprises to migrate to the cloud, big data, cloud storage, cloud backup, and cloud rendering.

Computing power is a new productivity in the digital economy era and has been widely used in various industries. Taking rendering computing power as an example, after applying cloud rendering technology, the rendering time of shocking special effects in film and television works such as "The Wandering Earth" can be shortened from several years to days.

"HUAWEI CLOUD is the first batch of data centers to land in Gui'an New Area, and the scale of servers can reach 100 million in the future, driving the improvement of Gui'an's computing power." Zhang Min, deputy director of the Big Data and Technology Innovation Bureau of Gui'an New Area, said, "The future goal of Gui'an New Area is to build one of the largest computing power support bases in the country. ”

The reporter recently visited the HUAWEI CLOUD data center located in Gui'an New District, Guizhou. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zigen

"Linkage" between government and enterprises to create a new model of digital services

"Face recognition is successful, please return to the business application page to complete the work order application." In the business hall of China Southern Power Grid Guizhou Power Grid Company, citizens use the "South Grid Online" APP for face recognition, and after passing the real-name authentication, they can complete the online telegram installation.

Zhang Chao, senior manager of the customer service department of the company's marketing department, said that the convenience of "brushing the face and doing electricity" is the result of the "two-way rush" of the government and enterprises. "Guizhou has the country's first provincial-level big data development administration, which opens up the data interaction path between the provincial government affairs platform and the enterprise platform." Zhang Chao said, "The face images and enterprise license information entered by the APP can be quickly transmitted to the public security system database for verification, which solves the security problem of government data not being opened to enterprises, and data sharing is more efficient."

In August 2021, Guizhou Province took the lead in western China to achieve full coverage of residents' "brushing their faces to do electricity" and enterprises "running electricity with one certificate", and has handled nearly 8,36 related businesses through "Nanwang Online" so far.

Supported by the sufficient amount of data provided by the government, Guizhou Power Grid Company has built an electric energy data platform, collecting and calculating more than 2 million electricity data every day. Yang Jing, a third-level technical expert in the company's measurement center, said that the data platform integrates the electricity consumption data of about 1800 million users in the province, which helps to better guide people to use electricity scientifically.

In Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, employees of Guizhou Kaili Taijiang Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid explained the "face brushing face to do electricity" business to customers on the street. (Photo courtesy of China Southern Power Grid Corporation)

Dake City "gathers momentum" to release new vitality of the digital ecology

The reporter saw in Guiyang Big Data Science and Technology Innovation City that a number of data center projects are in full swing.

Dake City has the advantages of the transportation network of "1 hour traffic circle in the province, 2 hours to the surrounding provinces and cities, and 4 hours to the Pearl River Delta" and the climate attraction of "no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer", and has achieved complete supporting medical care, education and human resources. At present, Dake City has attracted more than 700 big data-related enterprises such as HUAWEI CLOUD, AVIC, Manbang, and Chinasoft International.

On October 10, the staff of Guiyang Big Data Science and Technology Innovation City explained the operation and scheduling of computing power in Dake City. Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Zigen

Zhang Yu, director of the management committee of Guiyang Big Data Science and Technology Innovation City, believes that Dake City can empower enterprises stationed in it, mainly because it seizes the opportunity of "counting from east to west", that is, to guide the demand for computing power in the east to the west in an orderly manner, and then promote the coordinated linkage between the east and west, and promote Guiyang to focus on data centers, network facilities, digital scenarios and other key points, activate industrial development factors with data, and let data "save, run, and use".

"Making good use of the industrial development investment fund to support the attraction and cultivation of more big data enterprises can stimulate industrial vitality and promote the agglomeration of big data industries." When talking about how Dake City can play a better role in the future, Zhang Yu said.

According to the latest policy requirements of Gui'an New Area in 2023, Dake City will set up a Guiyang Big Data Science and Technology Innovation City Industry Development Investment Fund with a scale of 150 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), mainly investing in leading industries such as data application, artificial intelligence, scenario application, and information innovation. At the same time, it plans to gather 2025,3000 big data and related enterprises by 500, achieve annual operating income of more than 10 billion yuan, and bring together <>,<> scientific and technological innovation and public service platforms, <> software and related talents.

In recent years, Guizhou has insisted on turning data into resources, promoting the high-quality development of the big data industry, and "running" and "racing" on the track of digital economy. According to the provincial big data bureau, in the next step, Guizhou will grasp the three keys of "computing power, empowerment and industry", and continue to explore more experience for industrial transformation and upgrading and digital China construction. (End)