China News Network Dalian, October 10 Topic: Dalian, Liaoning Province: Financial Injection of Living Water Draws a New Vision for Rural Revitalization

Reporter Yang Yi

In Dalian in October, Dai Qinghai blue and autumn dyed the earth, showing harvest and hope as far as the eye can see.

In the wheat field, the rice waves are rolling and fragrant; In the mountains and forests, melons and fruits are fragrant, and peanuts are full of baskets; On the sea, the waves are singing, and the fish and shrimp are full of warehouses... In autumn, the reporter came to the fields and islands and villages of Dalian City to touch the pulse of development, feel the joy of harvest, and experience the people's livelihood.

Peanuts in Qingdui Town ushered in a bumper harvest. (Drone photo) Photo by Xue Lin

In Xingfu Village, Qingdui Town, Zhuanghe City, Dalian, rice ears quietly sank down in the setting sun, and the roar of harvester engines sounded in the farmland; When the high-speed train gallops past the wheat field, wisps of rice fragrance float along the airflow, and a pastoral picture of movement and silence is slowly unfolding.

Zhuanghe rice has been cultivated for more than 210 years, and the rice is famous for its high quality and taste, and "Zhuanghe rice" has been protected by the national agricultural geographical indication registration. In recent years, as the main producing area of high-quality rice in Zhuanghe, Qingdui Town, Zhuanghe City, in line with the development idea of "one village, one product", has done everything possible to expand and strengthen the traditional agricultural advantageous industries, and has explored a new way for characteristic industries to improve quality and efficiency, and drive farmers to increase income and become rich.

Qingdui Town Xingfu Village ushered in a bumper harvest of rice. (Drone photo) Photo by Xue Lin

"Look at this grain full and round, this year is another harvest year." Lou Zhenhe, a villager of Xingfu Village in Qingdui Town, came to the field, broke a rice ear and carefully examined it, and rubbed the rice grains with his fingers, and his joy was overflowing. Lou Zhenhe told reporters that 800 mu of rice were planted this year, and it is estimated that the mu yield must exceed 100,<> catties, and even reach <>,<> catties, and the gross income is expected to reach <> million yuan.

Lou Zhenhe's harvest is inseparable from the help of financial institutions. On the occasion of spring plowing this year, he was still worried about the shortage of funds, so he applied for a pure credit loan of 30,<> yuan from the Qingdui Agricultural Bank, which immediately solved the urgent need. "Not only are interest rates low, but lending is particularly fast." Lou Zhenhe said that with the backing of financial institutions, growing grain is particularly safe now.

In Zhuanghe City, Dalian, there are many places like Lou Zhenhe where banks provide financial support for autumn harvests.

Ginger in Sanhe Village, Qingdui Town, ushered in a bumper harvest. Photo by Yang Yi, reporter of China News Network

At present, it is the season of fresh ginger market, and more than 4000,20 mu of ginger in Qingdui Town, Zhuanghe City have entered the grand harvest season. In the ginger field, a handful of plump golden ginger broke through the soil with the smell of moist earth, and more than <> workers were methodically digging ginger, removing mud, bagging and packing, and the field was busy with harvest.

Sanhe Village, Qingdui Town, planted 30 acres of ginger fields in Dongjilin, a large household of ginger. Dong Jilin introduced, "In previous years, the yield of ginger mu was about 8000,10000 jin, and this year it can basically reach 8,<> jin, and this year's harvest is quite good." Dong Jilin said that this year's credit loan of <>,<> yuan in the Agricultural Bank of China is not high, but it also solves his troubles in capital turnover. Now that we have a bank, we Jiang farmers are becoming more and more confident. ”

Ginger brings great benefits to the villagers of Sanhe Village. Many ginger farmers have become ginger sales brokers, connecting farmland and markets, selling ginger at home and abroad, and the little ginger has made the villagers' "money bags" bulge, and has also become a new way for local rural revitalization.

Zhang Yang, customer service manager of Qingdui Agricultural Bank, said that in order to ensure a bumper grain harvest, the local bank has formulated a list of assistance according to the needs of the people, tilted credit resources to farmers, and provided strong financial support for the autumn harvest.

Ginger in Sanhe Village, Qingdui Town, ushered in a bumper harvest. Photo by Yang Yi, reporter of China News Network

In Guanglu Island, Changhai County, Dalian, in recent years, due to its unique geographical location and climatic environment, the local tourism industry has developed rapidly, which has also brought hope to local islanders to increase income and become rich.

Li Xiquan runs a homestay with island style, in order to further expand the scale of the homestay, Li Xiquan plans to upgrade the homestay, but suffers from insufficient working capital. After learning the news, the Dalian Changhai Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China issued a small and micro enterprise mortgage loan of 285.<> million yuan for Li Xiquan in less than half a month.

Today, Li Xiquan's homestay covers an area of 2200,100 square meters, and the occupancy rate is nearly <>% during the tourist season, which not only breaks through the blockage of the homestay renovation process, but also provides strong support for the smooth realization of tourism revenue.

Introduce financial vitality and benefit the people's livelihood. A series of flexible and diverse financial services provided by financial institutions have driven the peasant masses to increase income and become rich. In Dalian, similar "autumn harvest maps" can be seen everywhere, villagers "puff up their money bags" and "warm their hearts", and on the road of rural revitalization, a new vision map of revitalization has been rolled out. (End)