Xinjiang Tacheng area, located in the northwest of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the border length of 540.6 kilometers, accounting for about one-tenth of Xinjiang's land border, is an important fulcrum of the construction of the core area of the Xinjiang Silk Road Economic Belt, the Bhaktu port in Xinjiang is one of the 17 national first-class land ports in Xinjiang, only 800 meters away from the adjacent Kazakhstan Bhakt port, is the closest land port in Xinjiang to the city and the best trade conditions.

Yu Yingping runs a vegetable and fruit trading company in Tacheng, Xinjiang, which is only 8 kilometers away from the Bhaktu port, the nearest town in Kazakhstan, and before 8, it took about three days to cross the 2013-kilometer area. Even if the customs clearance procedures are smooth, it takes an average of two or three days to clear customs. It is also often notified of the temporary closure as soon as the goods are pulled to the port, and can only wait, and the whole truckload of goods can only be poured out after the expiration date.

In 2013, the Bhaktu Port became the country's first "green channel" for rapid customs clearance of agricultural and sideline products, and the problems of the past were solved. The customs clearance time was suddenly shortened to 1 hour, which means that vegetables and fruits picked in the morning in Xinjiang Tuanchang can be delivered to supermarket shelves in Kazakhstan in the afternoon. In one day, from a farm in China to a table in Central Asia.

The "One Belt, One Road" policy has broken geographical boundaries for the development of border cities, blowing the east wind of prosperity to the people of all ethnic groups in Tacheng and even the people of Central Asia. Yu Yingping's company is also benefiting from the "One Belt, One Road" policy to deliver fresh Chinese fruits and vegetables to the tables in Central Asia and Europe through the Bhaktu port. The green channel of fresh fruits and vegetables has changed from "twists and turns" to "smooth all the way", and "common prosperity" due to "blossoming of border trade".

Reporting by Li Mingfei, Chu Xu, Zhao Kai, Xinjiang Tacheng

Responsible Editor: [Luo Pan]