, October 10 -- Folding machines are a very important gripper for OPPO to hit the high-end market, if Apple launches folding mobile phones, what impact will it have on the market structure?

In this regard, Liu Zuohu, senior vice president and chief product officer of OPPO, said in an interview with the media after the OPPO Find N19 global conference on the 3th that he hopes that more participants will push the market up, which can make more people believe that folding products have matured.

"The big fold targets the new business crowd, focusing on efficiency, privacy security and a comprehensive flagship experience. Small folding positioning fashion, focusing on the personalization of appearance, portrait and external screen. ”

"Folding screen products become mass products need a process, I believe that in one to two years, there should be a lot of users will choose folding screen products, especially mobile phones will be thinner and lighter, taking pictures better and better, why not."

Liu Zuohu, senior vice president and chief product officer of OPPO.

The OPPO Find N3 released on the same day has a great improvement in terms of images, in this regard, Liu Zuohu said that imaging is a system engineering, which involves a lot of things. The core is that at the physical level, the folding screen has a large enough volume to have a basic guarantee, but the algorithm of the software is also very important.

"In the past, everyone thought about enlarging the bottom indefinitely, but the light sensitivity was not good. Today we have doubled the area and increased the dynamic range by 355%, so that we can achieve better sensitivity in a relatively small volume, which is a very big breakthrough. He said.

For the current situation in the mobile phone market, Liu Zuohu believes that the entire market has not rebounded, and there may be an impact when there are new products. For next year, I basically maintain a flat judgment. Only a good product is the only way to cross the cycle. "What we can do is focus on the product, if there is a very amazing product coming out, it may have a certain stimulating effect on demand, which is also the direction of our efforts."

"AIGC is one of the technological innovations and even revolutions that I have been most excited about since I made mobile phones. It will revolutionize the experience of mobile living. Liu Zuohu said that although many people's views are long-term pessimism and short-term optimism, we should be optimistic about the long term and cautious in the short term. (End)