In order to support Japanese companies expanding into Vietnam with remarkable economic growth, Shoko Chukin Bank, a government-affiliated financial institution, opened an office in the capital Hanoi, and an opening ceremony was held on the 18th.

More than 9% of the outstanding loans of Shoko Chukin Bank are government-affiliated financial institutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and embassy officials and others attended the opening ceremony held in Hanoi on the 18th.

Vietnam is characterized by remarkable economic growth, with a GDP = gross domestic product growth rate of more than 2022% in 8, a population of about 1 million, and a large market size.

In China, where many companies have production bases, labor costs are rising, and there is a movement to expand production bases in countries and regions other than China, and Vietnam is attracting attention as a target country.

The Japan companies are also increasingly building factories, and Shoko Chukin aims to strengthen support for small and medium-sized enterprises that are considering new expansion by establishing a local base.

Yoshifumi Sumimoto, Managing Executive Officer of Shoko Chukin Bank, said, "Japan is an aging society with a declining birthrate, so many companies are finding a way to survive overseas.