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As sales of electric vehicles continue to grow, manufacturers now have until December 15 to submit eligible models for the new version of the environmental bonus in 2024. The platform has been open since Wednesday and several criteria are required to be able to benefit from the discount.

Which models will be eligible for the new version of the 2024 version of the ecological bonus? Car manufacturers have until December 15 to submit, via a platform, vehicles eligible for this rebate while sales of electric cars continue to grow in France. Nevertheless, several criteria will have to be met.

The car's environmental score will be calculated by taking into account the carbon footprint of the vehicle's production: what materials were used, how the batteries were made or how assembly and transport were carried out. To be eligible for this purchase subsidy, the car must achieve a minimum score of 60 points. Until now, this bonus was granted to all electric vehicles costing less than 47,000 euros and weighing less than 2.4 tons.

Towards an exclusion of the Dacia Spring

For the government, it is therefore a question of favoring vehicles made in France or Europe at a time when Chinese manufacturers are arriving in force on the electric car market with sometimes very attractive prices. This score will therefore be calculated by Ademe, the French Agency for Ecological Transition and car manufacturers now have two months to provide all the information. This is when the official list of vehicles eligible for the bonus will be published.


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For some of them, we can already bet on their exclusion from the system. This is the case of the small Dacia Spring, number 2 in electric car sales in France, but produced in China. The new Tesla Model 3 and MG 4 could also lose access to the green bonus and perhaps even the Fiat 500. Although produced in Italy, it only has four seats, and these vehicles have a lower CO2 cap than other five-seaters.