, October 10 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) On the 10th, the China Consumer Association released the hot spots of consumer rights protection in the third quarter of 10, among which the topic of "consumers have hidden concerns about infringement due to the lack of transparency in the sales of prepared vegetables" has attracted the highest attention.

Recently, the topics of pre-made dishes "into the wedding banquet" and "into the campus" have frequently caused controversy in public opinion. For example, some consumers reported to the media that they ordered wedding banquet packages at high prices in well-known hotels, and found that nearly seventy percent of the 16 dishes were pre-made dishes after consumption, questioning that the merchants did not inform the relevant information in advance. Some parents said that some schools provided poor quality and poor taste of prepared food lunches, fearing that it would affect students' health.

"Relevant incidents reflect that some catering establishments or school canteens have failed to fully protect consumers' right to know and choice, and consumers have a distrust of prepared vegetable products in terms of food safety, green and health." The China Consumer Association believes.

The case shows that, on the one hand, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish pre-made vegetable products from the appearance alone, resulting in dissatisfaction with consumption that does not meet expectations; On the other hand, it is difficult for consumers and merchants to get a satisfactory answer if there is a dispute, which further increases the distrust of such products.

The China Consumer Association mentioned that since the second half of this year, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education has made a cautious attitude towards the introduction of pre-made dishes into schools, and responded to the focus of public concerns; Market supervision departments in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Langfang and other places have taken measures such as issuing consumption tips and carrying out special regulatory actions to guide the standardized development of enterprises in the prepared vegetable industry; Consumer associations such as the Fujian Provincial Consumer Council have also called for "more transparent and healthier" consumption of prepared dishes.

Public opinion believes that consumers' doubts about prefabricated vegetable products deserve the attention of all parties, and merchants should implement the protection of consumers' right to know and choose when providing prefabricated vegetable products, and at the same time, relevant departments also need to improve the corresponding management mechanism and improve industry standards to ensure food safety, so that consumers can "buy and eat with peace of mind" in the consumption of prepared vegetable products.

In addition, the China Consumer Association and others found that consumer rights protection issues were also prominent in cases such as consumer feedback that unreasonable sharing massage chairs added trouble, consumers calling on merchants to ensure the security of "scanning code" data, consumers believing that there were fraud traps in smart TV "matryoshka doll" charges, and consumers believing that it was difficult to choose ready-made drinks and "de-icing" unreasonably. (End)