Beijing, October 10 (Reporter Li Jinlei) This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day and summer vacation holiday tourism market boom shows a strong trend of tourism recovery, holiday travel demand concentrated outbreak caused by a series of problems also triggered further optimization of student holidays.

Call for the unified implementation of the "spring break" system for students

Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute, and Liang Jianzhang, Chairman of the Board of, jointly wrote an article calling for the unified implementation of the "spring break" system for students, arranging about a week of vacation for students around May Day, and considering appropriately shortening the number of days during summer or winter vacation, so as to promote off-peak travel and promote family travel.

According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the number of domestic tourists traveled 8 million during the 8-day Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, an increase of 26.71% year-on-year on a comparable basis and 3.2019% on a comparable basis compared with 4. According to the China Tourism Research Institute, the number of domestic tourists in the country reached 1.18 billion this summer.

The article pointed out that this summer's major scenic spots are overcrowded, such as popular scenic hotel rooms are full, the original 200 yuan standard room even rose to 2000,<> yuan. Tickets to scenic spots are hard to come by. In addition, the concentrated outbreak of students' summer travel has also brought certain safety hazards and risks.

The article believes that the phenomenon of "high price and higher quantity" of holiday travel, on the one hand, has a strong role in promoting consumption to stimulate the economy, on the other hand, the concentrated outbreak of demand for parent-child travel has also brought many unavoidable problems such as supply and demand contradictions, price soaring, and safety.

The article analyzes that the enthusiasm for summer travel is "high", more because students take concentrated vacations, parents also choose to take annual leave during this period, and the concentrated outbreak of demand is bound to form a serious shortage of tourism-related resources in the short term, and then lead to some tourism needs cannot be met or tourism costs soar. In addition, there are not many optional time slots for parent-child travel of more than one week throughout the year, which is also an important reason for the concentrated outbreak of tourism demand in the summer.

Experts suggest that these problems should be alleviated by reasonably optimizing student holidays and introducing "spring break" in a unified manner. In conjunction with the "May Day" holiday, consider formulating spring holidays for schools across the country. You can transfer about a week from the summer vacation or winter vacation, and arrange about a week of spring vacation for students around the May Day holiday. Depending on the implementation of the spring break system, the implementation of the autumn vacation system will be gradually considered.

Data map: Study tour group in the China Science and Technology Museum. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jinlei

What are the benefits of implementing the "Spring Break" system for students?

The article analyzes that for students' parents, in addition to winter and summer vacations, they can also choose to take annual leave during the spring vacation to take their children to study with their children, which helps to enhance parent-child interaction, gives parents more vacation options in addition to winter and summer vacations, and helps the paid leave system to better land. For the whole social and economic development, the time of spring vacation is a busy period for tourism and cultural and art industry, in tourism study tours, outdoor sports, etc., the consumption of students and parents has increased, the spring vacation system can better play the basic role of tourism consumption in driving economic growth, and also alleviate the resource shortage caused by the concentrated outbreak of summer vacation parent-child travel to a certain extent.

In 2019, the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine departments issued the "Implementation Opinions on Improving the Holiday Travel Environment and Promoting Tourism Consumption", which pointed out that all localities can coordinate the winter and summer vacation time in combination with the climate and environment, formulate and introduce measures for primary and secondary schools to take spring or autumn vacation, and guide employee families to take paid leave during the suitable travel season.

In recent years, a number of NPC deputies have put forward proposals to widely promote the "spring and autumn vacation" system for primary and secondary school students, and the Ministry of Education said in its reply in 2020 that under the premise of ensuring that the state-prescribed curriculum is fully opened and that normal education teaching tasks and teaching hours are completed, the school holiday time, including the spring and autumn vacation time, will be specifically arranged by all localities and colleges and universities in light of actual conditions.

It is worth noting that Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province has taken the lead in carrying out the pilot spring break of primary and secondary schools in the country, and the spring break schedule for primary and secondary schools in the compulsory education stage in 2023 is from April 4 to April 27.

Experts suggest that the system should promote the matching of paid leave and welfare tourism. Encourage more parents to choose their own vacation timing according to work arrangements, complement students' spring vacation vacation, and avoid concentrated vacation vacation in winter and summer vacation. (End)