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Office building on Kurfürstendamm: dwindling company premises

Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa

Many already have, some still want to: According to a survey by the Munich-based Ifo Institute, one in eleven companies wants to maintain less office space in the future – in response to the increased use of the home office. "The overwhelming majority of companies are leaving their office space unchanged," says Ifo expert Simon Krause.

However, many companies have already reacted to the home office boom in recent years. Since changes that have already taken place were not queried, the actual effect is probably greater.

"Other companies are planning the adjustment in the coming years, when the office leases, most of which are long-term, expire," says Krause. This development will exacerbate the crisis in the real estate market, which is already under pressure due to increased interest rates and construction costs."

The differences between individual industries are great. In the broadcasting sector, for example, 40.3 percent want to reduce their office space. In the automotive industry, the figure is 37.5 percent and in advertising and market research 34.8 percent. In contrast, the figure is only 1.9 percent in the construction industry and in the manufacture of rubber and plastic goods, 3.7 percent in trade and 6.9 percent in mechanical engineering.

According to the Ifo, the proportion of employees who work from home at least part of the time has remained constant at around a quarter for more than a year.