In late September, the "gold nine silver ten" market in the automobile market gradually entered the right track. A few days ago, the author visited a number of automobile sales stores in Beijing and learned that under the stimulation of car companies' price reduction promotions and local consumption promotion policies, car sales in some terminal stores are steadily rising.

At the same time, the "Car Market Scan" (2023 09 11-09 17) released by the official website of the Passenger Association also shows that from September 9 to 1, the national passenger car market retailed 17,80 units, an increase of 4% year-on-year, and an increase of 10% over the same period last month - the "golden nine silver ten" of the automobile market created a relatively stable start.

Industry insiders believe that this year's "Golden Nine Silver Ten" has two very significant characteristics: on the one hand, from fuel vehicles to new energy, price reduction promotions are still continuing, and consumers have a certain wait-and-see mood; On the other hand, as a pillar area to boost consumption, all localities are increasing policy incentives and issuing automobile subsidies, hoping to drive automobile consumption.

In a series of car subsidies to boost consumption, car pendant platforms are also at play. According to the relevant person in charge of Chedi, since the beginning of this year, in addition to undertaking the issuance of consumption coupons in Beijing's Fangshan and Changping areas, a series of auto show promotional activities are also being carried out. The "Qingdong Good Car Festival" is being carried out in the third quarter of this year, providing a series of activities such as low down payment car purchase, limited-time flash deal, brand direct drop, etc., and bringing real car purchase discounts to consumers in diversified forms such as government subsidies + platform coupons.

"Large automobile consumption, sufficient potential, and strong industrial driving role are the focus of current consumption." With multiple benefits such as policy support, car company promotion, and government subsidies, overall vehicle sales are expected to grow steadily. At the same time, the automotive industry is facing full competition, and many brands have reduced prices and promotions, which also provides consumers with diversified choices for buying cars. The relevant person in charge of the car emperor said.

The development of the industry welcomes favorable policies

September had a good start to vehicle sales

The automobile industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy, with a long industrial chain, high correlation and strong driving force, playing the role of "ballast stone" for the steady growth of the industrial economy. At present, the pressure of increasing instability and uncertainty in the international market and weakening expectations still exists, and the task of stable growth of the industry is relatively arduous.

Reflected in the auto market, consumers still have a wait-and-see mood. Wang Lu, marketing manager of Gaohe Automobile's Beijing Asian Games Village store, said that in September, the current passenger flow has decreased compared with August, which is directly related to the current consumption of Beijing passenger car indicators, and after the peak period in July, the number of wait-and-see customers has also increased significantly. "At present, the competition between new energy vehicle companies is still relatively fierce, which also makes customers hold a wait-and-see attitude."

Ma Weipeng, general manager of BYD Auto Dynasty Network Beijing Runcheng 4S store, said that the wait-and-see mood comes from the current involution of the automotive industry, whether it is new energy or fuel vehicles, there is a price war.

In addition, the arduous task of industry growth is also reflected in the consumption structure of the automotive market. According to the retail sales data of the Passenger Association of China, the sales structure trend of the domestic market price segment of passenger cars in the country continued to rise, the proportion of high-end model sales increased significantly, and the proportion of sales of low-priced models decreased, which is promoted by consumption upgrades, but also because of the consumption upgrade of the replacement group. In 2023, the automaker will further strengthen the characteristics of the high-end structure of the car market.

From the perspective of structural analysis, the problem of unsolid consumption base is large, and the purchasing power of the middle and low-end is insufficient. The upward trend of the price segment of traditional fuel vehicles is not a favorable factor to promote consumption, and it is necessary for ordinary consumer groups to purchase entry-level car consumption stronger, so it is still necessary to improve the purchasing power of ordinary group demand, achieve a relatively balanced price end in the car market, and drive entry-level consumption.

In this context, on September 9, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Financial Supervision and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the Work Plan for Stable Growth of the Automotive Industry (1-2023) (hereinafter referred to as the Work Plan).

The "Work Plan" proposes that in 2023, the operation of the automotive industry will maintain a stable and positive development trend, and strive to achieve annual vehicle sales of about 2700 million units, a year-on-year increase of about 3%, of which new energy vehicle sales will be about 900 million, a year-on-year increase of about 30%; The added value of the automobile manufacturing industry increased by about 5% year-on-year. In 2024, the operation of the automotive industry will remain in a reasonable range, and the quality and efficiency of industrial development will be further improved.

The "Work Plan" proposes to support the expansion of new energy vehicle consumption. Implement the existing preferential policies such as vehicle and vessel tax and vehicle purchase tax for new energy vehicles, do a good job in the liquidation and review of new energy vehicle subsidy funds, and actively expand the proportion of personal consumption of new energy vehicles. Organize and carry out new energy vehicle activities to the countryside, encourage enterprises to develop more advanced and applicable models, and fully tap the consumption potential in rural areas. Encourage the application of battery swap mode of new energy vehicles, and promote the deep integration and development of new energy vehicles and energy.

At the same time, in terms of stabilizing the consumption of fuel vehicles, the Work Plan points out that all localities shall not add new vehicle purchase restrictions, and encourage regions that implement automobile purchase restrictions to add a certain number of car purchase indicators on the basis of the 2022 car purchase indicators to further promote automobile consumption. Encourage enterprises to increase the supply of high-end and customized RVs, pickup trucks and other products, and tap the consumption potential of market segments.

In fact, policies to stimulate automobile consumption are frequent. In July, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other thirteen departments issued a notice on "Several Measures to Promote Automobile Consumption".

A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission's "Measures for Restoring and Expanding Consumption" pointed out that "optimize the management of automobile purchase and use." Regions are not allowed to add new vehicle purchase restrictions, and regions that have implemented purchase restrictions optimize vehicle purchase restrictions according to local conditions, "expand consumption of new energy vehicles" and so on.

Under the active guidance of relevant policies, the market has also shown a gratifying side. According to data released by the Passenger Association of China, from September 9 to 1, the national passenger car market retailed 17,80 units, an increase of 4% year-on-year, an increase of 10% over the same period last month, and a cumulative retail sales of 2.1401 million units this year, a year-on-year increase of 7%. In terms of new energy vehicles, according to data from the Passenger Association of China, the retail sales of new energy vehicles from September 2 to 9 were 1,17 units, an increase of 31% year-on-year, an increase of 3% over the same period of the previous month, and a cumulative retail sales of 29.8 million units this year, a year-on-year increase of 475%.

How do you view the start of this year's "Golden Nine Silver Ten"? Some securities institutions believe that promoting automobile consumption has become the focus of policy attention, which will support the transition of the car market and promote the recovery of consumer confidence, and sales are expected to rise again after the off-season.

According to the analysis of the passenger association, the overall performance of the car market in early September was good, basically flat month-on-month, and did not encounter too much pressure. Since September 9 last year was the Mid-Autumn Festival, this year's festival was wrong, so there were favorable factors with a low base in the first week of September this year, and the overall year-on-year trend was OK. The "Golden Nine, Silver and Ten" effect should appear, and the "November" holiday and the hot scenes of large tourist attractions in the past, including the relatively cool autumn climate nationwide, will promote peripheral travel and self-driving travel to become the demand for car purchases, which is expected to promote the enthusiasm of private car purchases in September.

All localities actively issue consumption subsidies

Car companies sprint "gold nine silver ten"

The introduction of favorable policies has injected a shot in the arm into the car market, and the local government's "real money" subsidies have also prepared sufficient power for the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" sales season. As the car market enters the peak demand season, policies to expand automobile consumption in many places continue. For example, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have introduced a series of policies such as the issuance of car purchase subsidies, the promotion of new energy vehicles, and the stabilization of fuel vehicle consumption, helping the automobile market stabilize and recover.

Taking Beijing as an example, on September 9, Fangshan District, Beijing, launched the third round of automobile consumption coupon distribution activities in 1, with a total amount of 2023 million yuan. Hosted by the Fangshan District Bureau of Commerce and distributed through the Chedi APP platform, the consumption coupon issuance activity was attended by more than 1000 brand dealers such as BYD, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Hongqi, and a single purchase of up to 30,6000 yuan in government subsidies. Among them, car owners who are recognized as damaged during the heavy rain and flood disaster in the summer of 2023 according to the rules will enjoy an additional subsidy of 1000,<> yuan when purchasing a car on the basis of the general consumption coupon.

Coincidentally, in order to further release the potential of automobile consumption, on September 9, Changping District, Beijing launched the third phase of the 11 automobile consumption coupon issuance activity, covering more than 2023 dealers. According to the rules of the event, consumers can enjoy a subsidy of up to 40,8000 yuan per purchase, and owners who were damaged during the heavy rainfall and flood disaster in the summer of 2023 can enjoy an additional subsidy of 1000,<> yuan for car purchase.

From the issuance of Fangshan and Changping automobile consumption coupons, we can see two very obvious characteristics: first, this year's new flood subsidy, the overall subsidy is relatively large; Second, local governments are trying to issue car consumption subsidies through automobile pendant platforms, hoping to directly reach potential car buyers. Regarding the role of such government subsidies in promoting consumption, Ma Weipeng said, "Driven by consumption coupons, September should be closer than the same period last year, but it will definitely improve compared to August." At present, the store is also actively preparing for the 'Golden Nine Silver Ten', hoping to use government subsidies and festival benefits to drive sales growth. ”

Some industry insiders analyzed that the local policy of encouraging automobile consumption is more direct and targeted, and stimulates the demand of potential consumers by issuing consumption coupons or giving replacement subsidies, so that more consumption willingness can be released, which can greatly boost sales in the short term.

Wang Lu is full of confidence in "Golden Nine Silver Ten". "After the introduction of Changping car purchase subsidy in September, customers' enthusiasm for buying has increased significantly. At present, the increase in sales volume of the store this month is still relatively obvious, Changping government subsidies effectively promote the enthusiasm of wait-and-see customers to buy, and individuals are still more optimistic about 'Golden Nine Silver Ten'. ”

At the same time, major car companies have also launched different degrees of preferential car purchase measures, hoping to enhance consumers' willingness to buy cars through price advantages. Since entering September, more than ten brands such as Xiaopeng, NIO, Great Wall, and Lili have officially announced promotional activities, with a price reduction of tens of thousands of yuan, sprinting to "Golden Nine Silver Ten".

Motor shows also provide a stimulus for car consumption. The association said that with the smooth holding of this year's Chengdu International Auto Show, the promotion of new products of various brands in autumn has accelerated, and consumers have paid attention to the launch of new products, forming a good rhythm of market consumption.

The China Automobile Dealers Association also said that September is the traditional peak season, and the holding of small car exhibitions and the release of new products in various places, coupled with the festive effect of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day "Super Golden Week", will further stimulate automobile consumption, and then increase the heat of the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" consumption season.

In addition, the analysis of the passenger association said that in recent years, in order to reverse the passive trend, some car companies have actively adjusted their product price systems and marketing strategies, which has a sustained effect on driving consumption. With the continuous promotion of consumption policies in various places, offline activities such as various auto shows have flourished, and new energy rural activities have become a good carrier for exhibition and sales of cars, and the effect of driving consumption will also be stably reflected.

The China Automobile Dealers Association expects that with the continuous emergence of various policy effects, coupled with the fact that the automotive industry is about to enter the "Golden Nine Silver Ten" sales season, major car companies are also continuously launching new products, which will help further release market demand and achieve the expected goals of economic development of the automotive industry. Text/Liu Yang Li Meng (Source: Beijing Daily)