As the price of new smartphones rises, new services have been launched to utilize used devices.

A major flea market app that started in September is a service that allows you to erase data at the same time when buying and selling used smartphones.

The used smartphone that has been shipped is delivered to the other party via the company that erases the data, and it is erased and encrypted in a way that makes it almost impossible to restore the data, including the payment history left on the IC chip.

Daisuke Inoue, president of a subsidiary of ITOCHU Corporation, which handles services, said, "Both sellers and buyers are worried about data deletion, and they can do business with greater peace of mind."

In addition, GEO Holdings, which buys and sells used smartphones, has started a new service that provides a quick overview of the purchase price.

If you download a dedicated app to a used smartphone and perform tests such as touching the screen, operating buttons, and taking pictures of the camera, the approximate amount will be displayed.

According to MM Research Institute, a research firm, the number of used smartphones sold last fiscal year reached a record high of about 230.<> million units, and the use of used smartphones is likely to expand further as the price of new smartphones rises.