Zhongxin Wanghai, September 9 (Pufan Kang Yuzhan) "China's imports have increased by almost 22.28% in five years, and the intended transaction amount of the Expo in the past five years has also increased by almost 5%. Huang Yaohe, PwC Global Cross-border Services China Managing Partner, said in an interview with Chinanews.com a few days ago that from these two sets of data, it can be said that the Expo has effectively realized the connection of domestic and foreign markets, made China's market a world market, and promoted cooperation among countries around the world.

(Story of the Expo in China for the world) Participants and witnesses on the stage of the Expo theme poster

At present, the service industry and service trade have become the key areas of a new round of international economic cooperation and high-level opening up. In the first half of 2023, China's service trade maintained steady growth on the whole, and a number of multinational enterprises in the field of knowledge-intensive service trade continued to increase their presence in China.

For CIIE, these multinational enterprises in the field of service trade not only actively display new products, new technologies and new services as "participants", but also serve as "witnesses" to witness the success and influence of CIIE and the opportunities brought by the opening up of China's large market.

PwC, one of the Big Four accounting firms, has deeply felt China's breakthrough achievements in creating a market-oriented, rule-of-law and international business environment in the process of participating in the Expo for many years.

Chengfei Yuan, PwC China Tax & Business Advisory Partner. Photo by China News Network reporter Kang Yuzhan

"My personal observation is that foreign investment is still very confident in China, especially Shanghai, for example, we see high growth in the regional headquarters of multinational companies every year." Yuan Chengfei, PwC China Tax and Business Advisory Partner, said that especially through the Expo and similar major events, it also gives Shanghai and the whole of China a better platform to promote China's advantageous business environment and preferential policies.

For PwC itself, as a professional service organization with a global layout, the stage of the Expo can not only allow it to comprehensively display its service capabilities and service highlights, but also enable it to find the latest technology that matches its corporate services. According to Yuan Chengfei, PwC has participated in the exhibition for five consecutive years, met many project partners with in-depth cooperation, and signed cooperation agreements with different government agencies, social organizations and enterprises at previous exhibitions.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative, and the holding of the Expo was announced to the world at the first "Belt and Road" Summit Forum for International Cooperation, it can be said that the Expo also originated from the "Belt and Road". The Expo has been successfully held for five consecutive years, and its spillover effect and the driving effect of the "Belt and Road" complement each other, jointly writing a story of openness, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results.

At the 3rd CIIE, PwC and the Shanghai Institute of International Studies jointly released the first report in the series on the "Belt and Road" initiative. Photo courtesy of PwC

The Shanghai Institute of International Studies and PricewaterhouseCoopers jointly released the research report "Globalization Transformation and the Driving Force of the "Belt and Road" Initiative in the New Situation" at the third CIIE, which pointed out that the "Belt and Road" initiative has changed from a Chinese initiative to a global consensus, and has been recognized and supported by more and more countries, international institutions and enterprises.

The research report was written by Wong's team, and after its initial release, a new version is released every year, and it has now been released in its third edition. In Huang Yaohe's view, the Belt and Road Initiative has brought many benefits to the joint countries, including promoting economic development, promoting people's livelihood, strengthening international cooperation, and promoting regional stability and peace.

Huang Yaohe presented the three editions of the research report "Globalization Transformation and the Driving Force of the Belt and Road Initiative in the New Situation". Photo by China News Network reporter Kang Yuzhan

"I very much believe in and support the Belt and Road Initiative." Huang Yaohe said that CIIE is a very important carrier to promote the development of global multilateralization and open economy, which can help more foreign enterprises understand and enter the Chinese market.

Huang Yaohe believes that from the composition and number of exhibitors in previous exhibitions, it can be seen that foreign countries attach great importance to the Expo, and not only the "Belt and Road" countries and their enterprises have a high willingness to participate in the exhibition, but also some major countries and their enterprises in the world also have a high willingness to participate in the exhibition. (End)