Beijing, 9 Sep (Zhongxin Net) -- The Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday is approaching, and the cultural tourism market is booming.

"From all aspects of data, the broad masses of the people have a strong willingness to travel during the holiday, the cultural and tourism market has a strong momentum of recovery, and industry confidence continues to be strongly boosted." Li Jianwei, a first-level inspector of the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said at a press conference on September 9.

"Judging from the current hot booking data on major platforms, the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day will usher in a peak period for mass travel," Wang Heyun, a first-level inspector of the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, pointed out, in order to meet the diversified and quality tourism needs of the people, we are focusing on enriching the supply of tourism products and services and improving the quality of tourism services, hoping to create a safe, comfortable, happy and warm holiday travel consumption environment for everyone.

Luoyang data map. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jinlei

Improve service quality and extend the opening hours of scenic spots

This year coincides with the overlap of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, and the eight-day long holiday is an important holiday for the people to visit relatives and friends and travel.

According to reports, in view of the upcoming peak of travel, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has deployed in advance to tourist attractions and cultural tourism departments across the country on the reservation, reception, safety and other aspects of holiday tourist attractions.

Wang Heyun pointed out that it is necessary to optimize reservation measures, implement scientific management, achieve the unity of principle and flexibility, and scientifically set up online and offline ticket purchase reservation channels. Actively adopt new technologies and new means to unblock reservation channels in scenic spots, museums and other places, simplify reservation procedures, and improve the convenience of appointment operations. Increase flexible supply, extend the opening hours of scenic spots, and meet the needs of tourists to the greatest extent.

Thematic deployment of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday market work

Li Jianwei said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued documents, held a national video and telephone conference, specially deployed the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday market work, guided all localities to enrich the supply of products and services, and organized and carried out a variety of mass cultural activities, performances and performances around better meeting the needs of the people for a better life, so as to enrich tourism products and innovate tourism experiences.

Ma Li, deputy director of the Department of Industrial Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said that the supply of cultural and tourism products should be enriched. Publish the national directory of tourism performing arts boutiques, and launch a number of tourism performing arts boutique projects with rich cultural connotation, exquisite artistic level, and applause and popularity. Guide the healthy and orderly development of music festivals and concerts to meet the new needs of "traveling with performances". Focusing on the theme of "celebrating reunion and enjoying the festival", combined with the beautiful scenery of autumn, enriching the supply of cultural and tourism products, and launching more characteristic tourism products suitable for family travel, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature, culture and life while enjoying the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

"Maintain a healthy and orderly market order, focus on key links in key areas, increase law enforcement inspections of illegal operations, ensure the safety and stability of the holiday market, and strive to let the people and tourists have a happy and peaceful Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day." Li Jianwei said.

Universal Studios Beijing data map. Photo by China News Network reporter Li Jinlei

Remind tourists to travel safely, healthily, civilized and green

At the same time, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds tourists to enhance safety awareness and travel safely, healthily, civilized and green.

First, we must arrange the itinerary reasonably. Understand the weather, traffic and tourist attraction opening conditions and ticket reservation measures of the places and destinations in advance, and reasonably plan the travel route and time. Try to avoid the congestion caused by the peak passenger flow during the holiday, and avoid traffic congestion sections and time periods.

Second, it is necessary to raise awareness of security precautions. When entering scenic spots, cultural institutions and other places, you must strictly abide by the fire safety management regulations. When traveling by motor vehicle, wear your seat belt at all times. Do not visit areas that are not officially open and lack security.

Third, we should be cautious about participating in high-risk tourism projects. According to the individual's age, health and other conditions, under the guidance of professionals, consciously abide by safety regulations, cautiously participate in high-altitude, high-speed, water, diving and other high-risk projects, and do not do actions that may endanger the safety of themselves and others.

Fourth, we must travel in a civilized and healthy manner. Abide by the regulations on the protection of the ecological environment and cultural relics and monuments, and respect local customs and religious beliefs. Maintain public order, queue up in order, not crowded, do not scramble. Respect the rights and interests of others and handle disputes rationally. Take good personal protection and practice good hygiene. Low-carbon saving, green travel. (End)