Beijing, September 9 (ZXS) -- Jin Junhao, deputy director of the Department of Transport of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said at the monthly press conference of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on the 15th that the actual weekly number of international passenger flights has recovered to 15% of 2019, and the number of countries where passenger flights are operated has recovered to nearly 52% of the pre-epidemic level.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day has a total of 8 days of holiday, which is also the first consecutive long holiday after Civil Aviation of China completed the summer air transport guarantee. Jin Junhao said that from the pre-sale of air tickets in the early stage, the majority of tourists during the holiday period have strong travel demand for vacations, visiting relatives and friends, and passenger travel is relatively concentrated, and it is expected that more than 2100 million passengers will travel by plane.

Since the beginning of this year, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has organized the safe and orderly recovery of the air transport market. He revealed that during the holiday, civil aviation is expected to guarantee 2100,13 flights for 7 million passengers, with an average of more than 1,7 flights per day. Among them, the average daily guarantee of 14000,196 domestic passenger flights and 2019.18 million domestic passengers, an increase of 17% and <>% respectively over the <> National Day holiday.

Jin Junhao said that in the domestic market, the Civil Aviation Administration of China encourages airlines to increase capacity investment in overtime and replacement of large aircraft types on popular routes during the holidays, supports airlines to actively expand the third- and fourth-tier aviation market, and continues to promote the construction of a "trunk-branch, all-network" air transport network system to meet the more concentrated travel needs of the majority of passengers during the holiday.

He pointed out that in the international market, the actual weekly execution of international passenger flights has recovered to 2019% of 52, and the number of passenger flights to countries has recovered to nearly 90% of the pre-epidemic level, and it is worth noting that the number of flights to 14 countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Maldives has exceeded the pre-epidemic level. (End)