, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Xie Yiguan) This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday is superimposed, the people have an 15-day "PLUS version of the Golden Week", and various long-term tours have also been arranged in advance.

But when people planning to travel are ready to book hotels, many people are "stabbed" by the double price.

Data map: Jiangxi Nanchang Station, many passengers arrived. Photo by Liu Lixin

Go up and down! The prices of popular hotels during the "November" holiday doubled

"I want to go to Luoyang to play during the 'Eleventh' holiday, and when I look at the hotel price, it directly quadruples, and I simply live in a park bench." "On September 9, it was still more than 27 yuan, and the day after that, it directly soared to more than 200,1600 yuan, and staying for one night was more expensive than my rent, but it was still suitable for lying at home."

Opening major social platforms, many netizens reported that during the "November" holiday, hotels are increasing prices.

Qunar's big data shows that as of September 9, the top three cities for air ticket booking during the "November" holiday are: Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. Among them, the most popular business districts for hotel reservations in Beijing include Qianmen/Temple of Heaven Park/Chongwenmen, Tiananmen/Wangfujing area, Guomao area, etc.

Zhongxin Financial Reporter searched for hotels near Beijing's Qianmen on an online booking platform on the 13th, and the prices of most hotels had a significant increase during the "November" holiday. Taking The Peninsula Beijing as an example, the list price of its deluxe suite king bed room is 2630 yuan on weekdays, and the price can rise to 3738 yuan during the "November" holiday.

Shanghai Disneyland has long been a popular tourist attraction. According to an online booking platform, the deluxe garden view twin room of Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, which was still 9,17 yuan on September 2482, rose to 5634,<> yuan during the holiday, more than doubling the price.

Shanghai Disneyland hotel rates displayed on an online booking platform.

In addition to traditional tourist flow centers such as Beijing and Shanghai, driven by the Asian Games, Hangzhou has recently become a popular tourist city, and the upcoming "November" holiday has also made local hotel prices "rising".

For example, Orange Crystal Hangzhou Binjiang Olympic Sports Center Hotel, the tatami bed room on weekdays is as low as 361 yuan, and the highest price rises to 993 yuan during holidays, and the price has increased nearly 3 times.

The phenomenon of hotel and homestay contract destruction recurred

During the November holiday, in addition to the doubling of hotel prices in popular cities, the phenomenon of canceling contracts of previously controversial hotels and guesthouses also began to "appear".

The hotel needs to be renovated, there are no spare rooms, the house has been rented out, the system has not updated the price... Judging from the comments of netizens, the "reasons" for hotels and guesthouses to cancel orders are varied.

Aji, who is currently living in Shanghai, encountered a situation where the merchant declared that he had no room and asked to check out.

According to Aji, because he was going to Yishui, Shandong, during the "Eleventh" holiday, he booked a room for 7 nights at a local hotel, but the hotel asked him to cancel the order on the grounds that there was no room.

Aji noticed that the hotel not only had rooms on the booking platform, but also increased the price a lot, so he contacted the platform. "The platform informed me that it was not that the hotel was full, but that the price of the house had increased during the National Day, and the hotel did not want to fulfill the contract, and proposed a plan to return red envelopes or pay the first night's room rate."

Aji said that after many times of communication, the booking platform offered to reimburse the total amount of the order with the invoice, but she is still considering, "Although the full reimbursement is more than 400 yuan, but now the surrounding room price has risen to a total price of more than 7,1500 yuan for <> nights, and finally the customer suffers a loss." ”

"The operator shall not maliciously break the contract or use shoddy goods"

Regarding the phenomenon of doubling the price of some hotels during the holiday, Yan Bing, a senior partner at Jiuhe Law Firm, said that hotels are affected by location, climate, holidays and other factors, and their prices will have wave-like fluctuations, which are normal market rules.

"But if the business only seeks temporary economic benefits and does not increase the price, it may affect the consumption experience of tourists, and then have an indirect impact on the tourism industry in the place, even from the perspective of economic laws, the price increase should be within a reasonable range."

As for some travelers encountering the situation of hotel and homestay contract cancellation, Yan Bing believes that "usually when consumers use the platform to book a hotel, they will receive a confirmation slip, at which time the contractual relationship between the consumer and the operator has been established, and the operator's request for a refund or price increase is suspected of breach of contract." ”

In May this year, the China Consumer Association named the phenomenon of the general increase in accommodation prices on May Day. In the face of the upcoming "Eleventh" holiday, on the 5th, the China Consumer Association and the China Hotel Association also issued an initiative, proposing that operators must not collude with each other to manipulate market prices; Accommodation and catering operators shall abide by the principle of good faith and must not maliciously break contracts or use shoddy goods.

The two associations also remind consumers to actively participate in supervision and actively protect their legitimate rights and interests by complaining to consumer associations or reporting to relevant departments when encountering malicious contract breaks.

Screenshot of the official website of the China Consumer Association.

In addition, the reporter noted that recently, Anhui, Qingdao, Fuzhou and other places have also issued documents to regulate the price behavior of the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day tourism market.

Among them, the reminder letter jointly issued by the five departments of Fuzhou mentioned that pricing should not only conform to market laws, but also fulfill social responsibilities. Hotel operators shall not unilaterally break the contract, increase the reservation price without authorization, or fail to fulfill the price commitment after the reservation of a room reservation through e-commerce platforms and other channels takes effect. (End)