【During the same period】A staff member of a gold store in Beijing

The first two days (gold jewelry) was 605 (yuan per gram), now it is 599 (yuan per gram). At the beginning of the year, you could do more than 400 (yuan per gram) as soon as you did activities, and now you can do more than 500 (yuan per gram). But now there are more customers who buy gold, one is that the style of gold is better than the original, and another gold is more value-preserved.

【Commentary】Recently, the domestic gold market has been hot, and the retail gold price of many jewelry brands has exceeded 600 yuan per gram. A few days ago, the reporter came to several jewelry stores in Beijing and saw that although the price of jewelry gold rose to 600 yuan per gram, most brands have launched "reduction" activities, and the discount is about 540 yuan per gram.

【During the same period】A staff member of a gold store in Beijing

Today's gold price is 599 yuan (per gram), our "reduction" is 549 yuan (per gram), and in the morning our big screen (display) is 610 (yuan per gram). The company forcibly changed it to 599 (yuan per gram), and then did a "derogation" activity. It may be a little unacceptable to some (customers) all of a sudden.

Although the price is high, consumers' enthusiasm for buying gold is still undiminished. The reporter saw in a jewelry city in Beijing on weekday afternoons that many customers were shopping for gold jewelry at the counter. Consumer Mr. Shi told reporters that although the price of gold jewelry continues to be high, he pays more attention to the diversification and value-preserving attributes of gold jewelry design.

【Contemporaneous】Consumer Mr. Shi

I mainly buy gold necklaces, I can wear them on my body, and then I also keep a little value, and I can sell them if I usually need money, and I am still relatively confident in gold.

【Contemporaneous】Consumer Mr. Li

Ready to buy a bracelet, ready to buy. Because the preservation of value (of gold) will be better, it will be easier to realize, which is equivalent to wealth accompanying you in another way.

【Commentary】The price of gold jewelry has been "soaring", what factors are affected? Experts believe there are three reasons for this.

【During the same period】Liu Chunsheng, associate professor of Central University of Finance and Economics

The most important thing is that the basic gold price is indeed rising, and this year's gold price and international gold price are going all the way up. Second, from a domestic point of view, the demand for investment is not very strong, and the investment channels are indeed relatively small, but there is an investment need, gold has become a very important choice. Third, it is also related to the gradual recovery of the Chinese economy, and we believe that from August, there are some signs of an accelerated recovery, which may exceed one of the market's expectations, which will also promote the needs of ordinary people for consumption and investment.

Will gold prices rise in the future? Liu Chunsheng believes that with the arrival of the "gold nine silver ten" gold season, the domestic demand for gold may increase, gold prices may continue to rise, but the increase will tend to stabilize.

【During the same period】Liu Chunsheng, associate professor of Central University of Finance and Economics

In the short term, it looks like gold prices will continue their upward trend. Then the main reason may also be because near the end of the year, our festivals and holidays are also more, especially the wedding celebration is also ushered in a peak period, then the demand for jewelry gold will be more vigorous, for this part of the demand will be reflected in the price, I think the price will continue to rise further, of course, the increase in magnitude I think will tend to be stable.

Liu Chunsheng reminded consumers that they need to maintain a rational and prudent investment attitude, and comprehensively consider their own asset allocation, risk tolerance, and future market objective trends, and allocate gold assets at a reasonable time.

【During the same period】Liu Chunsheng, associate professor of Central University of Finance and Economics

(Gold price) may be from a historical point of view, it is a shock upward such a process, then it is affected by the international and domestic economic situation is relatively large, it is affected by the dollar and our local will also be relatively large, it is affected by such an economic trend as domestic, everyone's investment channels may be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, when investing in funds, we should also pay attention to the market it will fluctuate up and down, it will have market risks, so for our consumers, for our investors, it is recommended to enter the game cautiously.

Chi Hanyu reported from Beijing

Responsible Editor: [Li Ji]