According to the website of the China Consumers Association, the China Consumers Association and the China Hotel Association issued a joint initiative on the 9th: fairness and integrity make travel more comfortable. The specific contents are as follows:

Creating a clean, safe and comfortable tourism market environment is not only the expectation of consumers, but also the responsibility of the whole society. With the Mid-Autumn Festival and the November Festival approaching, many consumers choose to travel, accommodation, catering and other related industries consumer demand will be released in a concentrated manner, in order to prevent the recurrence of malicious destruction of contracts by individual businesses during the May Day holiday, etc. that disrupt market order and infringe on consumer rights and interests, create a good market environment, boost consumer confidence, let consumers dare to consume, be willing to consume, further release consumption potential, and promote the high-quality development of the accommodation and catering industry, China Consumers Association and China Hotel Association jointly propose:

Fair dealing, reasonable pricing. Business operators shall set prices fairly, lawfully and reasonably, fully protect consumers' right to fair trade, and strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Consumers and the Price Law; Strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Anti-Monopoly Law, and shall not collude with each other, manipulate market prices, eliminate or restrict competition, and disrupt the order of market competition.

Integrity management, long-term development. Honesty is the foundation of enterprise operation, and accommodation and catering operators shall abide by the principle of good faith, and shall not maliciously break contracts or use shoddy goods. Enterprises should continuously improve their service level, strive to improve the tourist consumption experience, ensure food safety, and create an excellent brand image.

Unblock channels and respond to appeals. Accommodation and catering enterprises should pay close attention to market reputation and actively address the legitimate demands of consumers. Consumer associations at all levels should further improve their ability to perform their duties, give full play to the role of consumer dispute resolution mechanisms, ensure that complaint channels are unblocked, actively accept, handle and effectively resolve all kinds of consumer complaints, and at the same time continue to carry out extensive social supervision, cooperate with the news media to expose typical violations of the law, strengthen publicity and education for business operators, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Pay attention to prevention and take the initiative to supervise. Consumers are both participants and supervisors of consumption. On the one hand, consumers should be wary of all kinds of traps, try to choose merchants with formal operations, good reputation and good quality to consume, carefully verify before purchasing goods and services, and save consumption vouchers so as to effectively protect their rights in the event of disputes. On the other hand, consumers should actively participate in supervision, and when encountering malicious breach of contract, actively protect their legitimate rights and interests by complaining to consumer associations or reporting to relevant departments, and supervise operators to operate in good faith in accordance with the law.