Harbin, September 9 (Qiu Jian) At 12:11 on the 22th, an aircraft loaded with 13.38 tons of cargo took off from Harbin Airport and flew directly to Los Angeles, USA, marking the successful maiden flight of the Harbin-Los Angeles "passenger-to-cargo" charter route operated by China Eastern Airlines.

The Harbin-Los Angeles "passenger-to-cargo" charter route successfully made its maiden flight. Photo by Qiu Jian

This route is another "passenger-to-cargo" charter route to North America opened by Harbin Airport after the opening of the "passenger-to-cargo" charter route in Vancouver in March this year, which will enhance the international cargo capacity of Heilongjiang Province, expand the direction of air cargo, improve the layout of the route network, smooth the international logistics channel of foreign trade import and export enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, help China open to the north, and lay the foundation for building a Harbin international air cargo hub.

The route is operated by Heilongjiang Companion International Cargo Co., Ltd. with China Eastern Airlines 777-300 aircraft, planned to perform 3 flights every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with an air flight time of nearly 11 hours, which is the shortest flight time from China to North America, each flight can provide 40 tons, which can meet the efficient transportation needs of various types of goods under different trade modes such as cross-border e-commerce and general trade.

In the next step, Heilongjiang Airport Group will anchor the goal of "Harbin International Aviation Hub", deeply link domestic and foreign resources with the support of airport customs, actively strengthen market cooperation with all parties, comprehensively expand the route network of Harbin Airport to Shanghai Cooperation, "Belt and Road", RCEP and European and American countries, smooth the domestic and international dual-circulation air arteries, and promote the high-quality development of air cargo. (End)