Zhongxin Wanghai, September 9 (Reporter Fan Yubin) Since the second half of this year, a series of policies and measures to promote the development and growth of the private economy have been intensively introduced. How can the "combined fist" of policy measures better promote the high-quality development of the private economy? Recently, a number of private entrepreneurs in Shanghai said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com that they should further enhance confidence, expand investment, and seek high-quality development.

A glimpse of Shanghai. Photo by Fan Yubin

"In the first half of this year, China's economy and society fully resumed normal operation, high-quality development was steadily advanced, and economic growth was restored leading the world's major economies. However, at the same time, due to multiple factors, economic recovery is facing some new changes and challenges, and the activity of the capital market has also been affected to a certain extent. The chairman of Oriental Wealth Information Co., Ltd. actually said that in order to activate the capital market and boost investor confidence, since the second half of this year, relevant departments have issued a series of policy measures, including reducing stamp duty, regulating the reduction of major shareholders' holdings, optimizing the rhythm of equity financing, and reforming fund fees, which are of great significance for improving the quality of listed companies and improving investor expectations.

In fact, it said that with the recent package of "combined fist" of expanding domestic demand, stabilizing foreign trade and preventing risks, it is expected that in the second half of this year, all kinds of market entities will promote the sustained recovery of the economy with firmer development confidence, more dynamic development momentum and stronger innovation and development momentum. The capital market will also be repaired with the acceleration of macro fundamentals, showing a healthier and more active development outlook.

"I have recently noticed that the state and Shanghai have created a fairer access environment for private enterprises to participate in major scientific and technological research and undertake major scientific and technological strategic tasks, and have made a series of long-term forward-looking deployments in supporting and improving the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of private enterprises." In fact, this will guide private enterprises to better exert their own innovation vitality and development resilience, and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of a scientific and technological power.

Taking Oriental Wealth as an example, in fact, it said that it will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the construction of R&D teams, and focus on promoting forward-looking exploration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, "We are exploring the systematic and intelligent upgrading of wealth management business with financial vertical large models."

"The private economy plays an active role in enriching products, optimizing supply, and improving the consumption environment." Wang Yu, chairman of Spring Airlines Co., Ltd., said that the private economy is a new force for expanding consumption, driving the economy and driving employment, and should play a greater role.

Taking the aviation tourism industry as an example, Wang Yu said that in the first half of this year, China's civil aviation industry ushered in an inflection point of recovery, China's domestic demand was effectively released, and international and regional routes steadily recovered. "Spring Airlines took the lead in turning losses into profits in the first half of the year, with a profit of 8 million yuan (RMB, the same below). This summer, Spring Autumn Tourism China's domestic business returned to the level of the 38 cycle. ”

Employment is the biggest livelihood and the key to promoting consumption, and the private economy absorbs more than eighty percent of the urban labor force for employment. Wang Yu said that they actively explore ways to increase employee income, implement equity incentives every year, and take the lead in implementing salary reform for front-line personnel. "Good employment, more employee income, more stamina for consumption, improved employee satisfaction, and ultimately promote better development of enterprises."

"Do great things and look at the long term." Wang Yu said that since the new crown epidemic, Spring Airlines has strengthened confidence and pragmatic development, and the scale of aircraft has increased by 27, with 7 aircraft planned to be introduced this year and 11 next year, and the existing scale will exceed 130. At the same time, the Spring Airlines Shanghai headquarters building, with a total investment of 13.8 billion yuan, will be completed by the end of this year. The second phase of the flight training construction project with a total investment of 8 million yuan will be launched in Shanghai early next year, and the hangar project with a total investment of 6 million yuan will be put into use next year, and can complete 200 aircraft overhaul missions a year. "Spring Airlines will continue to take root in Shanghai and contribute to the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center."

In 1991, JuneYao Group opened a private charter flight between Changsha and Wenzhou, which changed the history of civil aviation in China. Today, JuneYao Group has formed five major businesses: air transportation, financial services, modern consumption, education services, and scientific and technological innovation. "From the perspective of the development trend of the civil aviation industry, the significant increase in commercial flow and the strong recovery of tourism are all signals of continuous increase in business opportunities and continuous improvement in the economic situation. Therefore, we remain fully optimistic that the economic situation will gradually and steadily recover in the second half of this year. Wang Junjin, chairman of Shanghai JuneYao (Group) Co., Ltd., said, "In the new round of development, we will continue to increase investment in innovation and continuously improve the content of science and technology, and believe that perseverance will bear fruit." ”

Since JuneYao Group moved its headquarters to Shanghai at the beginning of the 21st century, it has closely followed the changes in the Shanghai market and policy orientation, closely linking enterprise development and urban progress. According to Wang Junjin, since last year, JuneYao Group has invested in a number of new businesses in Shanghai. For example, Jixiang Yundu Automobile's R&D, marketing and other departments moved to Shanghai; JuneYao Health reorganized Runying Biotechnology, acquired Panyuan Supply Chain, and gradually formed a perfect probiotic industry chain with the help of Shanghai's scientific and technological and industrial aggregation advantages, and its products were sold to more than 70 countries and regions; The science and technology innovation sector has two technology companies in Shanghai, Huamo and Hangpeng, which develop flight simulators and PSS systems with independent intellectual property rights; Starting from Shanghai, the "Magpie To" global air logistics integration platform has formed a logistics network covering more than 200 cities in China, and launched the trial operation of international (regional) cargo flights in the first half of this year to explore a new path of international smart logistics.

"In the global competition, China has advantages in talent, policy and efficiency, and the development prospects of private technology enterprises are bright." Zhao Lixin, Chairman and CEO of Geco Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that Gekmicro is rooted in Shanghai, with its experience in advanced digital imaging, touch and display technology and R&D strength, he is full of confidence in future development. "We will increase investment in R&D, build the world's leading technology R&D platform for CMOS image sensors and display driver chips, and continuously improve product quality to better meet market demand." (End)