Zhongxin Wanghai, September 9 (Pu Fan, Zhou Sunyu, Kang Yuzhan) Picking up the mascot of the Expo "Jinbao" and pointing to the scarf it was wearing, Shi Huangjun, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), introduced the relationship between the Expo and the "Belt and Road" initiative: "The scarf it wears is yellow and blue, yellow represents the 'Silk Road Economic Belt', and blue represents the '12st Century Maritime Silk Road', reflecting the close connection between the Expo and the 'Belt and Road' initiative." ”

(Jinbo Story·" Special Report on the 10th Anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative) An important hub of the ancient Silk Road blows up the theme poster of "New Wind"

This year marks the 2017th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. At the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in 2018, China solemnly announced to the world that it would hold the China International Import Expo from <>. Shi Huangjun said in an interview with a reporter from Chinanews.com a few days ago: "The Expo was born because of the 'Belt and Road', and it is also beautiful because of the 'Belt and Road'. ”

Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan is the site of the Belt and Road initiative. In the conference hall where the initiative was proposed, Gulinar, director of the Kazakhstan Center for China Studies, was interviewed by a reporter from Chinanews.com a few days ago, the same scene, the same topic, she sighed: "The first time I heard about the 'Silk Road Economic Belt' initiative, I thought it was a great idea. ”

The mascot of the Expo "Jinbao", the scarf worn in yellow and blue, is the symbol of the "Belt and Road" initiative. Photo by China News Network reporter Zhou Sunyu

Speaking of the Expo, which also originated from the "Belt and Road" initiative, Gulinar said that since 2018, Kazakh enterprises have participated in the Expo for five consecutive years. In 2022, Kazakhstan implemented an export acceleration plan, and participation in the Expo is a key part of the implementation of the current export acceleration plan. "The plan should include export contracts between our two companies, and CIIE has become a key platform for China and other countries to promote investment, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation."

Recently, the symposium of the Expo was held at Nazarbayev University. As an organization of exhibitions, the Kazakhstan Trade Policy Development Center announced at the symposium that it will organize dozens of Kazakh enterprises to participate in the sixth CIIE, and display Kazakh characteristic agricultural products such as camel milk and honey in the food and agricultural products exhibition area.

"Kazakh companies are very interested in the Expo, and they are amazed by the scale of the Expo." Egenbeldieva Asser, deputy director of the Kazakhstan Trade Policy Development Center, said that in 2021, Kazakh enterprises and Chinese enterprises signed orders worth 1 million US dollars at the Expo, and now many Kazakh enterprises have a strong willingness to participate in the Expo.

On September 9, the symposium of China International Import Expo was held at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan. Photo by China News Network reporter Zhou Sunyu

It is reported that Kazakhstani enterprises have participated in the Expo for five consecutive years, even if affected by the epidemic, an average of about 20 exhibitors per session, with a cumulative intended transaction amount of 4 million US dollars. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, in the "Belt and Road" countries including Kazakhstan, nearly 3,1000 enterprises have signed up for the sixth CIIE Enterprise Business Exhibition, with a total exhibition area of 7,5 square meters, an increase of about 20% over the previous session.

The Expo has promoted economic and trade cooperation between countries jointly built by the "Belt and Road", strengthened policy communication, not only provided a better business environment and convenient conditions for enterprises, but also promoted people-to-people exchanges and friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Also as a witness when the "Belt and Road" initiative was proposed 10 years ago, former president of Nazarbayev University Sheng Maofu said in an interview with Chinanews.com that over the years, the university has attached great importance to promoting exchanges among young people, and Nazarbayev University has established cooperative relations with many domestic famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University to enhance communication through exchange programs.

Nazarbayev University. Photo by China News Network reporter Zhou Sunyu

"We are honored that Nazarbayev University has become the first initiative of the Belt and Road Initiative, as we all know that Kazakhstan and China have been friendly neighbors for thousands of years and will be so in the future, so it is very important for young people from both countries to get to know each other," said Shengmaov. ”

"CIIE is an annual 'festival' for me." Ye Shengli, a Kazakh student studying in China, said. Since 2020, Ye Shengli has participated in the Expo for three consecutive years as a volunteer, as an interpreter and tour guide, helping enterprises from both countries to communicate at the Expo.

From serving only one enterprise for the first time in the Expo, to increasing the number of service enterprises to twenty or thirty in the next two sessions, the experience of the Expo not only gave Ye Shengli a deeper understanding of domestic goods and products, but also deeply felt the importance of international trade and China-Kazakhstan cooperation, and also pointed out the direction for her future development.

At present, Ye Shengli has opened accounts on a number of domestic social platforms to introduce Kazakhstan's culture, language, history, economy and trade. "I hope that through the authentic sharing of Kazakh people, I can bring my country's good goods to China and the world." Ye Shengli said.

The countries of Central Asia are important hubs of the ancient Silk Road, while Kazakhstan is an important power in the Central Asian region. In 2022, China-Kazakhstan trade volume exceeded the $310 billion mark, a year-on-year increase of 23.6%. From January to July this year, the trade volume between the two countries increased by 1.7%.

Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Zhang Xiao said: "The Expo is not an ordinary exhibition and sales of imported goods, Kazakhstan regards it as a breakthrough and attempt to seek a new economic development model in the current complex international situation." ”

Kazakhstan's emphasis on the Expo far exceeded Ambassador Zhang Xiao's expectations, and in his view, the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" initiative in Kazakhstan is both a milestone and a new starting point. As an innovative measure to promote high-quality joint construction of the "Belt and Road", the Expo provides a new model for Kazakhstan's economic development, and also provides a new opportunity for this "Belt and Road" that benefits the world to be wider and farther. (End)