Chongqing, September 9 (Reporter Zhang Yan) The three-day 5 China International Intelligent Industry Expo (referred to as the Zhi Fair) entered the second day, focusing on the annual themes of "intelligent networked new energy vehicles" and digital China, and important guests such as authoritative experts and scholars at home and abroad, industry leaders and other important guests gathered in Chongqing to share wisdom achievements, interpret future trends, and collide with wonderful sparks of thought.

Cars will evolve into intelligent car robots

Talking about the development direction of digital vehicles in the future, Zhu Huarong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., believes that the future car is a mobile multi-functional space, a large-scale intelligent computing terminal, a data acquisition carrier, and a mobile energy storage unit. From the original means of transportation, the car has evolved into a digital platform product, becoming a smarter, more understanding and more interconnected intelligent car robot, which will promote the development of smart transportation, smart city and intelligent society.

Zhu Huarong believes that automobile companies may become new platform enterprises that provide transportation products from the original means of transportation to provide mobility products, digital services and ecological services.

"Every car currently developed by Chinese brands, if it is not an intelligent networked car, everyone is embarrassed to introduce it on stage." Zhu Huarong mentioned in the keynote speech of the 2023 Zhibo Summit that the power structure of new energy vehicles is undergoing new changes, the proportion of pure electric vehicles is declining, and the proportion of plug-in hybrids is continuing to rise, which is obviously a disruptive force for alternative fuel vehicles.

"New energy vehicles are only the prologue, and digital intelligent vehicles are the real future." At the 4rd Changan Automobile Science and Technology Ecology Conference 2023 held on the evening of the 2030th, Zhu Huarong said that the innovation of the digital intelligence era brings unlimited possibilities and challenges. Based on the judgment of the trend, Changan Automobile will firmly promote the strategy of "new automobile and new ecology", invest a total of 2000 billion yuan by 1, add more than 500,400 new scientific and technological innovation teams, and achieve group sales of 60 million vehicles, including 30 million units of Changan brand, more than <>% of new energy sales and <>% of overseas sales.

Electrification and intelligence are irreversible trends

Lyle Watters, Vice President of Ford Motor Company and General Manager of Ford China's Passenger Vehicle Division, said in her keynote speech at the 2023 Wisdom Expo Summit that in just two years, China's new energy vehicle sales have accounted for more than 60% of the world's total new energy vehicle sales. Electrification and intelligence are irreversible trends in the automotive industry, especially in the Chinese market.

He said that at present, many car companies are engaged in the fierce competition of electrification transformation, and Ford needs to have the ability to efficiently provide differentiated products and services to consumers in order to win this war. Two years ago, Ford launched its transformation program. Ford announced that by 2026, Ford Motor Corporation will invest $500 billion in global electrification business and software technology innovation.

"Chongqing is like Ford's home in China." Lyle Watters said that in 2001, Ford Motor and Changan cooperated to establish Changan Ford, and now Chongqing has become the world's largest production base of Ford Motor Company, and has also made important contributions to Chongqing's local economic and social development and industrial progress. Ford and Changan Automobile are deepening their cooperation, and Ford Motor will continue to deepen cooperation with local partners such as Changan to contribute to China's electric vehicle transformation and automotive industry upgrading. At present, in the field of intelligent network digitalization, Ford's vehicle-road coordination system has covered 7 cities in China.

The development of intelligent networked vehicles has become the strategic direction of the automotive industry

The picture shows visitors visiting new automotive products at the 2023 Zhibo Exhibition Hall. Photo by China News Network reporter Zhang Yan

"The development of intelligent networked vehicles has become a strategic direction for the development of the global automotive industry." Li Keqiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of the School of Vehicles and Vehicles of Tsinghua University, said in the keynote speech "Sharing the Industrialization Innovation Practice of Intelligent Networked Vehicles in China" that mobile communication technology, artificial intelligence, big data, etc., integrated with automobile transportation, will form a strategic commanding height at the technical level; At the industry level, ICT enterprises and automobile manufacturing are integrated, allowing the reconstruction of the industrial chain and the extension of the value chain.

Academician Li Keqiang said that the intelligent networked vehicle demonstration zone project being promoted in the western (Chongqing) Science City should be made a benchmark project for China's intelligent networked vehicle demonstration. The development of intelligent networked vehicles to today requires a demonstration aimed at industrialization and the participation of automobile companies. (End)