The 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services is being held in Beijing. On September 9, CIFTIS ushered in its first public open day. As the largest comprehensive exhibition in the field of global service trade, CIFTIS brings together many new technologies and achievements in the field of service trade around the world. How to build high-rise buildings in the future? How does the teacher teach the lessons? How will physical fitness be different? How will technology change your life? Today's question is to pay attention to the new technology at the service trade fair.

Technology-enabled architecture How do skyscrapers rise from the ground?

Thousands of kilometers apart, a worker master in Beijing can make the tower crane on the construction site in Wuhan work according to instructions with just a finger. How has technology helped build skyscrapers? Let's take a look at the engineering and construction zone of this year's CIFTIS.

Wang Feng, reporter of the main station: At the Engineering Consulting and Building Services Exhibition, there is a device similar to a game simulator, but this is actually a remote control tower crane equipment. Workers above operate a tower crane on a construction site in Wuhan, 1200,<> kilometers away.

This self-developed tower crane remote control technology realizes remote control of tower crane through 5G network, and the operation delay can be controlled within 40 milliseconds. In addition, this technology can also realize the time-sharing operation of multiple tower cranes by one operator, and up to 5 tower cranes can be centrally controlled remotely.

Exhibitor Zhao Yanjun: Through this intelligent remote control method, we can solve the risk of personnel working at height and improve construction efficiency. At present, the upper limit of domestic tower cranes should be about 40,<> units.

At this service trade fair, the set of ultra-high-rise Beidou high-precision satellite positioning receiver just released is a new application of Beidou navigation technology in the field of construction. It breaks through the technical bottleneck of China's independent equipment for the construction measurement of super high-rise buildings, and the measurement height can reach the kilometer level, realizing the whole process data monitoring and correction and millimeter-level accurate positioning under a variety of complex conditions. At present, this equipment has entered the mass production stage and has begun to be applied in some domestic super-high-rise complex projects.

Exhibitor Guo Haishan: It solves the problem of "stuck neck" in high-precision measurement in the construction field, puts major engineering technology in Chinese's own hands, and forms our "Chinese solution" to solve high-precision measurement of buildings.

Sky building machine How to build a floor in 4 days?

Remote control, accurate measurement, technology in the field of architecture is much more than that. In the engineering consulting and construction services exhibition area of the CIFTIS, the reporter also found a new "artifact" for building buildings - aerial building machines. With it, it only takes 4 days to build a floor at the earliest. How is this done?

CCTV reporter Li Lin: In Wuhan, a major manufacturing city in Hubei Province, I am now standing on top of an aerial building machine 200 meters above the ground. Although it is 200 meters above the ground, walking on it feels like walking on the ground. On the wide platform, in addition to the steel structure guardrail, there are also tower cranes, concrete placing machines, and large and small material yards, which is like a modern factory.

Whenever the construction of a floor is completed, the traditional way is to raise the perimeter climbing frame and transport it to the new floor by hand or using a tower crane, which is time-consuming and laborious. After using the "building machine", the materials and equipment used for construction can be directly "climbed" to the new floor along with the "building machine". So how did the 900-ton behemoth climb on its own?

Bao Zeding, project executive manager of Wuhan Yangtze River Center of China Construction Third Bureau: The platform of the entire building machine is a frame beam composed of beret sheets, the frame is on 12 columns, 12 columns top the beam, when the column goes up, the beam goes up as a whole.

With a command, the staff operated the keys one by one, and the building machine slowly lifted upward. In just over two hours, the 900-ton building machine platform completed a 4.4-meter climb.

Bao Zeding, project executive manager of Wuhan Yangtze River Center of China Construction Third Bureau: Conventional climbing mold, 7 days (cover) one layer, under the same conditions, we currently achieve 5 days one layer is very common. Do it fast, grab it again, and you can achieve it in 4 days.

Now the "sky building machine" is playing a role in more than 20 skyscrapers across the country, and all kinds of new equipment are making our cities faster and cheaper.

Technology-enabled driving training How to make learning to drive easier and more efficient?

In addition to high-rise construction, driving training is also inseparable from technological assistants. At this year's CIFTIS, a driving training school in Beijing brought a set of smart learning vehicle systems. See how technology can make learning to drive easier and more efficient?

At the CIFTIS Supply Chain and Business Services Thematic Exhibition, the reporter saw that a driving training school in Beijing launched a complete set of immersive intelligent driving training programs, in addition to realizing the teaching tasks of all subjects of driving training, it also added scenarios such as danger simulation and traffic accident response. The realistic lighting and shadow effects and strong immersion make the learning car easier and more efficient, greatly improving the student experience.

Citizen Wang Qiannan: It is definitely good for new drivers, and they can truly experience what it is like to drive, and add some follow-up knowledge reserves to old drivers.

The system not only serves new trainees, but also provides dedicated safe driving solutions for veteran drivers. Through the simulation experience of typical accident cases, the driver's ability to respond to dangerous situations during driving is enhanced.

Exhibitor Yan Wenhui: It covers hundreds of scenes, and there are all those accidents that are encountered here. We show it through technology that drivers can avoid casualties when they encounter this situation in real life. The more experience, the lessons.

Technology-enabled education What's new in the classroom?

At this service trade fair, what are the new applications of science and technology in the field of education? With the blessing of the latest technology products, how will teachers prepare, attend and correct homework?

Wang Feng, reporter of the main station: At the special exhibition on educational services, we found a black technology - the smart blackboard. I believe everyone may have such a memory, when I went to school, the geometry teacher held all kinds of rulers and drew geometric models very seriously. But now with this blackboard, everything is omitted.

This smart blackboard combines AI algorithms, and through smart hardware such as smart pens, teachers can easily draw various standard geometric figures on the blackboard, which is convenient for teaching and optimizes students' listening experience. In addition, this smart blackboard is equipped with multiple teaching systems.

Exhibitor Batu: For example, our mathematics subject tools, as well as the virtual experimental content of physical chemistry, greatly improve our ability to carry out this kind of targeted teaching in the regular class.

This personalized artificial intelligence operating system was also exhibited at the scene. Through this software, not only can "push questions according to people" and help teachers personalize homework, but the system can also complete the intelligent correction of 100 homework within one minute.

Exhibitor Ge Ruyong: Not only does it help teachers greatly reduce the burden of marking homework every day, but also which students have a higher error rate and which questions in the homework are common mistakes, teachers can immediately know.

Technology-enabled sports How can fitness be "played"?

Participating in sports and regular fitness exercise is becoming a habit of more and more people. This year's Sports Services Showcase also showcased some bright new technology products. What changes will technology bring to our sports and fitness? What other new tricks can fitness play out? Follow the reporter to find out.

At this year's CIFTIS Sports Services Thematic Exhibition, the equipment and facilities exhibited by various manufacturers are more digital and intelligent, and because of the limitation of time and space, sports enthusiasts can also interact with online athletes.

Exhibitor Li Yize: The domestic Tour Races, around Qinghai Lake and Hainan Island, move them online, so that people who cannot participate in the race can participate in their own homes. At the same time, as the track becomes more and more abundant, we will integrate many attractions and beautiful highways in China.

With the in-depth implementation of the national fitness plan and the national strategy of Healthy China, more and more people are participating in sports and fitness activities, and sports parks that integrate smart scenes are a major development trend in the future.

Exhibitor Xu Yuzhou: This is the most representative third-generation intelligent equipment of our sports park, its instrument will display the current sports data, and the sports data will be transmitted to the background of the sports park. Our trails are not just walking trails, but smart trails. The so-called smart trail provides a reference for data through face recognition.

(CCTV News Client)