Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Financial Reporter Wu Jiaju) The 4 China International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as "CIFTIS") was recently held in Beijing. The booths of embassies in China attracted people to stop at the venue, and foreign friends also continued to communicate with the audience and explain the characteristics and culture of their countries.

How do they feel about CIFTIS? In China, what kind of life and work experience do these "foreigners" have?

Nicaraguan Ambassador to China: CIFTIS is a rich and colorful world event

"Nicaragua is a paradise, home to lakes and volcanoes, our country has dozens of volcanoes as well as the largest lake in Central America. In addition, we have rum, coffee, wonderful food and much more. ”

At the booth of the Nicaraguan Embassy in China, Nicaraguan Ambassador to China Michael Campbell personally spoke for his country's tourism and products.

He told reporters that it is extraordinary for so many countries to participate in the CIFTIS and so many companies to participate, and Nicaragua participated in this colorful world event. When we bring so many countries together to share culture, have dialogue, and showcase products and services, we help create a more prosperous, united and inclusive world for all.

Nicaraguan Ambassador to China Michael Campbell. Photo by Zhongxin financial reporter Wu Jiaju

Campbell said he came to China in May this year and was impressed by everything in China. What struck him the most was that China had made such astonishing progress while lifting so many people out of poverty; While moving towards modernization, a lot of time and energy are concentrated to protect and promote excellent culture.

Moroccan diplomat: CIFTIS is perfect, unique and well organized

"Together with other embassies in China, we participated in this perfect, unique and well-organized exhibition. CIFTIS is a bridge between China and African countries such as Morocco. ”

Moulay Zaine Elmoussaoui, Minister Counsellor at the Moroccan Embassy in China, said he had just arrived in China a few days ago, this was his first visit to China, and CIFTIS was the "first assignment" he was given.

Minister Counsellor of the Moroccan Embassy in China, Moulay Zaine Elmoussaoui. Photo by Zhongxin financial reporter Wu Jiaju

He said that Morocco and China have very friendly relations and hoped that Chinese citizens could go to Morocco and visit Morocco's beautiful historical and cultural sites.

"China is a miracle. When I talk to all my friends, I always say that the Chinese miracle should be taught and disseminated in schools, whether in terms of development, infrastructure construction, or art. He said he wanted to see China more developed and successful.

Uruguayan diplomat: CIFTIS is very important to promote relations between countries

"I came to China last October, it was my first time abroad, and it was a great experience to live and work here. I like China very much because it is beautiful, full of history and very nice people. I love the culture here, like theater and movies..."

Gonzalo Castillo, first secretary of the Uruguayan Embassy in China and official of the Cultural Department, told reporters that this year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ukraine, and CIFTIS can promote relations between Uruguay and China and show Uruguay's beauty and culture.

Gonzalo Castillo, First Secretary of the Embassy of Uruguay in China and Officer of the Cultural Section. Photo by Zhongxin financial reporter Wu Jiaju

He said that the CIFTIS is very important to promote relations between countries, and the CIFTIS has many countries' booths, and China's booth at the CIFTIS shows the world the impressive results achieved by China, and China's science and technology are very advanced.

Representative of the Pakistani Embassy in China: "We have received a warm welcome here"

"CIFTIS is very well organized, and you can meet many people here, not only representatives from different parts of China, but also have the opportunity to meet people from different countries in the world."

Ahmed Faizan, a representative of the Pakistani embassy in China who has visited China more than a dozen times, said that China is his second home and that he is mainly responsible for transporting Pakistani traditional handmade products to China, "We have been warmly welcomed here, and our products are loved by Chinese people."

Representative of the Embassy of Pakistan in China, Ahmed Faizan. Photo by Zhongxin financial reporter Wu Jiaju

"I believe that the future of Pakistan-China friendship will be brighter, we are iron brothers, and the longer we go through, the deeper this friendship will be." He said.

Representative of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China: "Our products sell very well"

"A lot of people from different industries, different companies came. Customers are coming, our products sell well, and we have received a lot of business inquiries. ”

Sarindu Witharana, representative of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China, said that the platform of CIFTIS is very good, covering different industries, and it is a good opportunity for them.

Representative of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China, Sarindu Witharana. Photo by Zhongxin financial reporter Wu Jiaju

He also said that China's technology is impressive, and many things are online, such as online payments.

Representative of the Ghanaian Embassy in China: "I'm here again!" ”

"CIFTIS is the best, where you can learn about China's characteristics and culture, and at the same time showcase Ghana's characteristics and culture."

Ma Wuli (Chinese), a representative of the Ghanaian Embassy in China who speaks fluent Chinese, has lived in China for nearly 12 years and has participated in CIFTIS many times.

He said that living in China is very safe, eating very well, and the people here are also good, and friends from all over the world are welcome to see China with their own eyes.

Representative of the Embassy of Ghana in China, Ma Wuli. Photo by Zhongxin financial reporter Wu Jiaju

Ma Wuli also said that in the years of living in China, stinky tofu had left a deep impression on him, and at first he did not dare to try stinky tofu, but after trying it with his eyes closed, he found that stinky tofu did not smell and was very delicious. (End)