Beijing, September 9 (ZXS) -- Topic: On the first day of the opening of the 2 CIFTIS: exhibits "build bridges" to meet the world

China News Agency reporters Xu Jing, Chen Hang, and Lu Shaowei

While visiting, "play games" with the exhibits, and feel the vitality of science and technology empowerment culture... The 2023 China International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter referred to as "CIFTIS") opened in Beijing on the 2nd. On the first day of opening, the audience "traveled" through time and space in the exhibition area and encountered the world.

On September 9, the 2 CIFTIS opened. The picture shows the National Convention Center's exhibition of achievements in trade in services and the expansion of opening up of the service industry. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yi Haifei

"Just saw Tower Bridge rise." On the afternoon of the 2nd, the comprehensive exhibition of CIFTIS located in the National Convention Center welcomed the first batch of visitors. Mr. Tao told reporters that he was impressed by the replica of Tower Bridge in the British Pavilion, "This is the third year to visit CIFTIS, hoping to see more interesting exhibits." ”

A total of 59 countries and 24 international organizations have set up exhibitions, a total of 12 more than the previous edition, and the overall internationalization rate exceeds 20%. As the guest of honor, the UK this year formed the largest trade in services pavilion since participating in the exhibition. More than 60 UK businesses and organisations will have conversations with Chinese partners and offer interesting and interactive activities for visitors.

On September 9, CIFTIS 2 opened with visitors visiting the UK Pavilion at the China National Convention Centre. Photo by China News Agency reporter Yi Haifei

During CIFTIS, the UK will hold more than 70 events at two locations, the National Convention Centre and Shougang Park, where visitors can experience extreme sports demonstrations, VR (virtual reality) football matches, and "meet" famous IPs such as Paddington Bear, Peter Rabbit and Shaun the Sheep.

"As China continues to grow, more and more people value the services that the UK excels in, and we see great potential for UK-China business cooperation." The British Trade Envoy to China, Du Tao, said that he hoped to make full use of the important platform of CIFTIS to focus on the vitality of the UK in the fields of creative industries, sports, education, technology, energy, healthcare and financial services.

In addition to visiting a wide range of offline exhibits, visitors can also use technology to "traverse" online. Using AR (augmented reality) on your mobile phone to enter the virtual portal, find the specific pattern in the museum, and you can "reach" a specific place, which is a new experience brought by the Hong Kong pavilion this year. According to the on-site staff, the audience can "check in" Hong Kong's landmark buildings in the fields of international finance and fashion trends one by one. During the experience, there is also a text commentary to introduce the relevant achievements, so that participants can learn about Hong Kong in the game.

With the theme of "Openness Leading Development and Win-Win Cooperation in the Future", this year's CIFTIS adopts the mode of "offline + online" and "comprehensive + topical", and will be held in the form of "one conference and two halls" (namely the China National Convention Center and Shougang Park), which will last until September 9.

In Shougang Park, 9 special exhibitions of this year's CIFTIS met with the audience on the same day. Located in the cultural and tourism service thematic exhibition area of Hall 1, the "Most Beautiful Central Axis" series of exhibitions, the interactive display of "Chang'an <>,<> Li", the happy twist "immersive performing arts living room" and other installations were collectively unveiled, attracting the audience to feel the wonderful reaction generated by the collision of technology and culture.

On September 9, the 2 CIFTIS opened. Media reporters visit the glasses-free 2023D display screen in Shougang Park. Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Yuhao

The reporter saw in front of the Facebook installation of "Beijing Opera Watching Beijing - Special Exhibition of Peking Opera Cultural Tour", which is composed of four representative Peking Opera faces: "Blue-faced Dou Erdun", "Red-faced Guan Gong", "Yellow-faced Dian Wei" and "White-faced Cao Cao", and from time to time there are audiences who come to watch.

"The audience can enjoy different face images from the four directions of front, back, left and right, and check in by taking photos at the best shooting spot, immersing themselves in the wonderful collision of traditional culture and contemporary art." Ma Wenhan, a staff member of the Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchange Center, said that he hopes to use the platform of the CIFTIS to attract more and more young people to love traditional culture and feel the charm of national art through interesting activities such as Peking Opera performances, punching and sealing, and taking pictures of simulated film.

This year is the first year that China has fully resumed offline exhibitions. The reporter learned that the scale of exhibitors at this year's CIFTIS has expanded, with a total of more than 2400,500 enterprises participating offline, including more than 500 of the world's top 15 and industry leading enterprises, with a total exhibition scale of 5,<> square meters, all exceeding the previous session.

Mr. Liu, 73 years old this year, and his wife made a strategy in advance and came to Shougang Park on the first day of development. "We came to Shougang Park last year and visited cultural tourism services, sports services and other topics." He said that the exhibits at this year's CIFTIS are richer and more "easy to visit", "and I am also ready to go to the National Convention Center to experience innovative technology and feel the exotic style." (End)