On the Tokyo stock market on the 25th, the Nikkei Stock Average fell by more than 700 yen at one point due to concerns that monetary tightening in the United States would be prolonged.

The Nikkei Stock Average closed at 25,24.662 yen on March 93, 3.1624 yen lower than the closing price on March 28.

▽TSE Stock Price Index = Topix fell 20.19 to 2266.40.

Daily volume was 10,2175.25 million shares.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 700th, the Nikkei Stock Average temporarily fell by more than <> yen.

In response to the decline in stock prices in the New York market on the 24th due to widespread caution that monetary tightening would be prolonged in the United States, selling orders increased in many semiconductor-related stocks in the Tokyo market.

In the market, interest is focused on the speech given by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at a symposium in Jackson Hole, a resort town in the western United States, on the evening of the 25th, Japan time.

Last year, in response to Chairman Powell's stance of continuing to raise interest rates, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than $1000,800 and the Nikkei fell sharply by more than <> yen at one point.

In the United States, indicators such as private consumption and employment have been firm recently, and there is a view that Chairman Powell will reaffirm his determination to control inflation, and the content of his remarks will be closely watched.