Affected by the discharge of Japan's nuclear contaminated water into the sea, salt rush has occurred in some markets in China. As the only central enterprise in China's salt industry, ensuring the supply and quality safety of the salt market is our primary responsibility. In response to this market volatility, the following statement is made:

China implements fixed-point production management for salt, and China's salt sources are mainly divided into three categories: mine salt, lake salt and sea salt. At present, the structure of salt products in China accounts for 87% of well salt, 10% of sea salt and 3% of lake salt, and the production of well salt and lake salt is not affected by Japanese nuclear pollution.

China Salt Group is the world's largest salt production enterprise, with a salt production capacity of more than 1000 million tons per year, of which well salt accounts for 95%, lake salt accounts for 4%, and sea salt accounts for 1%. China Salt Group has a perfect layout of production and marketing enterprises in the country, and the supply of salt reserves is sufficient.

China Salt Group has a complete product quality management system and salt safety risk assessment system, salt products can be traced to the source, quality and safety are guaranteed.

In the 2003 SARS pneumonia, 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, 2011 Japan earthquake and the new crown epidemic caused by the market fluctuations, China Salt Group has well guaranteed the supply of salt market, playing the role of ballast stone and pillar.

Recently, salt rush has occurred in some regional markets, and there has been a short-term shortage of goods in e-commerce and some supermarket channels, and we are working overtime to produce and distribute and do our best to ensure market supply. Please consume rationally from all walks of life and do not blindly rush to buy.

It is hereby declared.

China Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd

August 2023, 8