Bank of Japan Governor Ueda met with Prime Minister Kishida on May 22 and exchanged views on monetary policy and economic developments in Japan and overseas.

Bank of Japan Governor Ueda visited the Prime Minister's Office just before noon on March 22 and held a meeting with Prime Minister Kishida for about one hour over lunch.

Late last month, the Bank of Japan decided to review its interest rate control and allow a further rise in long-term interest rates in order to enhance the sustainability of large-scale monetary easing, and Governor Ueda explained the aim of the policy to Prime Minister Kishida.

After the meeting, Governor Ueda told reporters, "I explained to the Prime Minister and he replied that he understood it well, and he asked me questions about various aspects of the economic and financial situation, and I answered them to the best of my knowledge."

When asked if there had been any discussion about fluctuations in the foreign exchange market amid the depreciation of the yen, Governor Ueda said, "Not today."