This newspaper investigates cheap wedding rings on e-commerce platforms: it often sells 10,<> yuan a month, and the "purchase price" may only be in single digits

There is a certificate with packaging, and the big-name diamond ring sells 29 pieces of 8?

Have you ever seen a 29.8 yuan DR diamond ring?

Qixi is approaching, and a batch of "cheap proposal diamond rings" have appeared on e-commerce platforms. The "DR diamond ring" for tens of dollars can not only customize the matching "true love agreement", but also provide "jewelry identification certificate" and "DR packaging box". An investigation by a reporter from Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News found that the purchase price of these goods may only be in single digits.

59 pieces of 8, certificate rings can be bought

The reporter entered "DR diamond ring" on an e-commerce platform, and the price of the goods that came into view was only dozens of pieces, and almost all of them took "men can only customize one piece in their lifetime" as a selling point. Some merchants wrote, "counter quality, packaging synchronization" and "consult customer service to customize true love agreement".

The reporter chose a store that shows monthly sales of more than 10,925, its introduction page said that "the material is S7 silver plated 18 layers of 0K gold", 5.1 carats, 2 carat, 29 carats priced at 8.39 yuan, 8.49 yuan, 8.20 yuan, if you need "DR counter packaging", you need to add <> yuan on this basis. The customer service said that it is necessary to purchase "DR counter packaging" to customize the "true love agreement".

Subsequently, the reporter spent 59.8 yuan to buy a 1-carat ring and "DR counter packaging", and sent his name to customer service. The goods received were: tote bags, boxes, cleaning cloths with the DR logo, jewelry identification certificate, GRA certificate, true love agreement, ring. Among them, the jewelry identification certificate says "moissanite ring, silver white, 2.18g, ag925%" and other information, the GRA certificate is in English, and the customer service calls it a moissanite certificate.

Scan the QR code to display "query successful"

It is worth mentioning that the "true love agreement" received by the reporter reads: When I give you a Darry ring that can only be customized in my life, it means that you are the only true love in my life...

At the bottom of the agreement, the names of the pledgee and recipient provided by the reporter are printed, as well as a QR code. The most extreme thing is that this QR code can really be swept in, and the page is printed with the DR logo after entering, and shows "query successful", and the "true love code" is also displayed below, which is consistent with the physical certificate.

The reporter asked the customer service of the DR official store on another e-commerce platform for an example of DR's "true love agreement" and found that the official version of the agreement and the cheap version of the agreement were almost the same. At the same time, the reporter also found that the DR logo printed on the cheap version is almost the same as the official one. The official customer service told reporters that only men can buy DR rings and need to register identity information. During the purchase of the cheap version, the merchant did not consult the reporter's gender and identity information.

The "purchase price" of the ring may be a few dollars

Does the cheap version of the ring have the "S925 silver plated 7 layers of 18K gold" as stated on its introduction page? After receiving the goods, the reporter consulted customer service, and the customer service said that "18K gold can be engraved according to the customer's requirements, but the ring itself is not made of gold", and then said that free engraving services can be provided.

Subsequently, the reporter used the image search function on the e-commerce platform to search for the cheap version of the ring, and found that the lowest price of the same model was only single digits (only rings, no box certificates and other accessories), some of the goods were marked with "imitation moissanite ring", some were directly marked "moissanite ring", and some products came with GRA certificates, most of which were marked with copper, and there were some rings of the same type priced at tens of yuan, and the material was marked as silver. The reporter noticed that the pictures of the products used in these rings were almost identical.

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What is behind the monthly sales of 10,<>+

No matter what the "purchase price" is, the "DR ring" that sells for tens of yuan is not only the seller but also the buyer should know the authenticity.

There are views on the Internet that "behind the monthly sales of 10,10+, there are <>,<>+ victimized girls" and "buying this kind of fake to deceive people is to deceive feelings", and more netizens sent out soul questions, "Men can only customize one in their lives, spend hundreds of dollars to buy a basket, you tell me what is love?" ”

Judging from product reviews, some buy cheap "DR rings" for girls, some girls buy them to wear themselves, and both parties use this as a façade when they get married (or are afraid of losing the real ring when they get married).

From the price distribution of DR official stores, the price of genuine rings ranges from a few thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. The topic between "sincerity" and "real gold" is not much to be discussed. Whatever the purpose of the purchase, it should be clear to the purchaser that this ring will not be "one in a lifetime to order". (Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Jiang Tiansheng)