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Waffle ice cream: Prefer to take away

Photo: Alexander Heinl/ picture alliance / Alexander Hei

The umbrella organization of Italian ice cream parlors in Germany considers criticism of high ball prices to be unjustified. In other European countries, a bullet sometimes costs "twice or three times as much," Annalisa Carnio, secretary general of the Uniteis association, told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. The association's website even states: "In Germany, you pay the least for an ice cream scoop in all of Europe." The price debate in Germany is "too emotional and unjustifiably puts ice cream parlors in a bad light," says Carnio.

She cited higher rent and energy costs as the reason for the increased bullet prices. In addition, the shortage of personnel in the industry is making itself felt. That's why more and more people are focusing on ice cream to take away in waffles or cups instead of serving them at the table. "Otherwise, the company is hardly economically viable," says Carnio.

However, the climate crisis with increasing global warming has positive consequences for the ice cream business. "Climate change is also having an impact on the ice season, because summers are getting hotter and longer overall and the desire to cool down is increasing," says Carnio.

Uniteis represents the interests of around 1000 members who, according to the association, operate 2200 ice cream parlors throughout Germany.