Why are young people keen to save "golden beans"?

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Nowadays, young people are keen on new ways of managing money - investing in small grammar gold products, and gold jewelry brands have also launched small grammage products such as "mini gold", "golden beans" and "golden melon seeds". Industry insiders have suggested that saving golden beans can be regarded as an investment opportunity, but if consumers buy for investment purposes, they need to be careful to avoid risks.

In the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Chinese Valentine's Day is coming, and merchants begin to promote various gifts. Gold jewelry brands began to launch "mini gold", "golden beans" and "golden melon seeds" and other small grammage products, "Worker Daily" reporter visited and learned that young people are keen on new financial management methods - investing in small grammar gold products.

"I buy a few hundred yuan of golden beans every month to save, as long as the price of gold rises, I will make money." "It's better to save money than to save gold, and buying golden beans = financial management." On social platforms, young people set off a golden wind, and searching for related posts will have many shares and experiences. There are online posts dedicated to introducing which way to buy gold is the most appropriate, which mentions that in addition to buying gold sheets and investing in gold bars, it is highly recommended to buy golden beans and golden melon seeds.

Gold jewelry is favored

On August 8, when visiting the gold jewelry store on the first floor of Beijing Tianya Jewelry City, the reporter noticed that despite the recent rise in gold prices, there are still many customers in the store who are choosing gold jewelry, mostly young people. In addition to couples preparing for marriage to buy gold, some girlfriend groups that come together prefer plain gold bracelets or small grammar gold jewelry. Tianyan inspection data shows that there are more than 13,7 gold and silver jewelry-related enterprises in China, of which 5.38% were established within 5 years.

A clerk at a gold store told reporters: "Recently, the price of gold has been rising, if you want to buy, start early." In order to attract customer flow, stores have introduced discounts, such as 10 yuan off per gram and 15 yuan off per gram. Sales Ms. Zhang told reporters that most of this year's gold price fluctuated around 580 yuan / gram, and the reporter inquired about the price of many gold jewelry stores and found that the average gold jewelry was between 595 yuan and 600 yuan / gram.

"The pricing of gold jewellery is equal to the base price of the spot gold price plus the manual fee, which varies depending on the process." Ms. Zhang said that in recent years, more and more consumers have purchased vegetarian gold products, "Most consumers think that products without manual fees are more worth buying. ”

Ms. Zhang said that "saving golden beans" is a new type of financial management that young people are keen on, buying 1~3g every week or month, which can not only play the role of compulsory savings, avoid "moonshine", but also allow consumers to experience the pleasure and satisfaction of shopping. In addition, using the saved golden beans and golden melon seeds to make jewelry is cheaper than buying jewelry directly.

In this regard, some gold merchants have launched small grammage gold products, not only golden beans, golden melon seeds, but also small gold ingots, small corn, golden rice, small lucky bags and other products. "Buying golden melon seeds on an anniversary can be kept as a souvenir and can be appreciated." Ms. Zhang said that at present, the sales of "golden beans" of about 1 gram ~ 3 grams are indeed very good, and small gram gold products have become the new favorite of young people's financial management.

Young people love small gram gold products

The reporter inquired about a brand flagship store in real time, the product "9999 Golden Bean 1G with Certificate Bottle" is priced at 465 yuan, and 3G is priced at 1386 yuan, the price is acceptable for young people, it is a better gold product to get started, no wonder it is loved by young consumers.

According to the "2021 China Gold and Jewelry Consumption Survey White Paper", customers aged 25 to 35 account for more than seventy percent of the consumer groups in gold stores. Among them, social media and e-commerce platform marketing plays a vital role, e-commerce platform has become an important channel for young people to buy gold, after the popularity of small gram weight gold products, many jewelry platforms have launched "golden beans" and "golden melon seeds" and other goods in the official flagship stores opened by Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms, and co-anchors in the live broadcast room to promote and sell.

In Lingfengjin's Taobao flagship store, the introduction of "9999 Golden Beanie 1g Birthday Gift" states "recyclable" and "glass bottles will be given when you place an order". The product sells 1,6+ per month, with more than 10,<> reviews, and many consumers are repeat customers. In the flagship store of Lingfeng Jingdong, the sales of the same type of products have reached <>,<>+.

Such a popular small grammage gold product has also attracted the attention of banks. In mid-July, China Merchants Bank launched a single 7 gram "golden bean" and a single 1g "golden melon seed" product.

For small grammage gold products, many banks have also launched gold medals and other products. For example, ICBC is launching the "Ruyi Growth Gold" gold medal that customers can choose from 1 gram~18 grams; China Construction Bank launched the 5-gram "Jade Rabbit Treasure" gold medallion.

Care needs to be taken to avoid risks

However, it is worth noting that if consumers buy for investment purposes, they need to be careful to avoid risks. A gold industry insider told reporters: "The price of the gold market fluctuates greatly, and saving gold beans requires long-term investment, and in this process, if the market price rises sharply, it may cause investors to miss the opportunity to sell and cannot obtain the expected returns." ”

"In addition, there are some operational risks associated with saving golden beans. For example, the selection of channels for purchasing golden beans, the authenticity identification, storage and storage of golden beans require investors to have certain professional knowledge and skills. The industry insider said that some young consumers now begin to regret saving golden beans, and even think that they are "cut leeks", most likely because they did not pay attention to avoid risks when buying.

The reporter inquired on Xiaohongshu that some bloggers detailed how to buy golden bean products that can really "appreciate": first of all, the purchase channel should avoid the brand premium, the same is 9999 golden bean 1g, big brands will be 40 yuan / g more expensive than small brands specializing in golden bean products. Secondly, not all gold stores support repurchase, and some stores that recycle gold do not support the recycling of gold beans, and stores that can recycle gold beans generally treat gold beans according to gold jewelry, and the recycling price is slightly lower than that of gold bars, and it will also be tens to hundreds of yuan lower than the gold price of the day.

Industry insiders remind that saving golden beans can be regarded as an investment opportunity, but investors need to have certain financial knowledge and risk awareness, and also need to carefully choose the right time and method to invest. Consumers must not be deceived by some so-called "gimmicks", especially the purity of gold, which is related to the future realization of gold, and must pay attention to repurchase channels and requirements, as well as gold price fluctuations and other factors, do not blindly follow the trend of purchase.

(Workers' Daily Xu Xiao)