Zhengzhou, August 8 (Reporter Kan Li) The countdown to the opening of the sixth China International Import Expo (referred to as the sixth CIIE) is less than 2 days, since the beginning of June this year, the current CIIE investment roadshow boom, arrived in the central province of Henan on the afternoon of August 6, healthy consumption has become one of the key areas for foreign-funded enterprises to "chase the deer".

On August 8st, the 1th CIIE held an investment roadshow in Zhengzhou, Henan. Photo by Kan Li

While the 6th CIIE intensively carried out investment roadshow in various parts of China, it also held promotion meetings online or offline in Japan, South Korea, Brazil and other countries. This wave of investment promotion involves food and agricultural products, automobiles, medical equipment and medical care, service trade and other fields, and health has also become a high-frequency word.

In recent years, healthy consumption has gained strong momentum and involves food, nutrition and health products and other fields. Feng Shiqian, head of China of Canada's Keck Natural Food Co., Ltd., is one of the earliest to enter the field of health consumption in China through cross-border e-commerce channels.

In 2015, he led the team to invest in the first regional subsidiary in China in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, and began to sell a full range of health products in China, thanks to many favorable local policies in the field of cross-border e-commerce.

In Feng Shiqian's view, compared with some overseas markets, the market penetration rate and per capita consumption of Chinese nutritional products are relatively low, and the field of healthy consumption has great potential.

As a five-year "old friend" of the Expo, Feng Shiqian's company's gains in cooperation landing rate and brand exposure have increased year by year. At the 6th CIIE Investment Roadshow Henan Session, he looked forward to more gains to help enterprises gradually expand the business scope of international trade.

German Natural Air Energy Solutions Co., Ltd. is also preparing to enter the field of health consumption at the Expo. At the above-mentioned investment roadshow site, Qu Xiaoming, commercial director of the company, told the China News Agency reporter that at the Expo, the company will demonstrate the new intelligent management services for chronic diseases developed by the company.

In his view, chronic diseases have become an important health problem facing today's society, and his company has innovatively launched a trinity health management service with sports rehabilitation, physical therapy and nutritional intervention as the core, which will penetrate into the people's high-quality healthy life in the future.

Qu Xiaoming told reporters that the extension of enterprises from commodities to services in the field of health consumption is also due to the improvement of Chinese people's health awareness in recent years, "We have participated in four consecutive CIIE, aiming to promote our service concept and let more people know how to manage health."

Organon, a global healthcare company dedicated to women's health, has frequently appeared in a number of investment roadshow activities at this year's Expo after participating in the Expo for the first time last year. As the company says, they have always seen China as a vital part of their global strategic blueprint.

The day before the investment roadshow, Chinese officials issued 11 measures to promote the recovery and expansion of consumption. A number of representatives of foreign-funded enterprises who will participate in the Expo believe that these <> measures will form a superimposed opportunity with the sixth CIIE to be held in November this year. Feng Shiqian said that all these will inject strong impetus into the expansion of the Chinese market by foreign-funded enterprises.

As the world's first import-themed national expo, since 2018, the Expo has been successfully held for five consecutive sessions, with a cumulative intended turnover of about 3500 billion US dollars. The 11th CIIE will be fully resumed offline from November 5 to 10 this year. (End)