China News Network Nanchang, July 7 Topic: "31G + knitting" "VR+ culture" Jiangxi Nanchang actively seizes the "new track" of digital economy

Written by Lu Mengmeng Wan Zhiping

In the middle of summer, in the live broadcast ecological park of the Jiangxi Traffic Economic Industrial Base, the anchors of various companies are working hard to recommend hot products to netizens in front of the camera.

It is understood that the Jiangxi Traffic Economic Industrial Base located in Qingshan Lake District, Nanchang, Jiangxi, takes the new economy and new format of live streaming e-commerce as the core, and the current enterprise occupancy rate exceeds 90%, 82 signed and registered enterprises, and the output value in the first half of this year reached 10 billion yuan. "This year, the occupancy rate of the base will be fully full, and the output value is expected to double to reach 30 billion yuan." Huang Huizhu, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Flow Economy Industrial Base, said.

In recent years, riding on the east wind of the development of the digital economy, Qingshan Lake District has vigorously implemented the "two-wheel drive" of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, continuously deepened the integration of big data and the real economy, expanded advantageous industries, and actively cultivated emerging industries. Since the beginning of this year, the region has focused on the development goal of building a "digital innovation leading zone", and the industrial scale has continued to grow, with 500 new digital economy enterprises and online sales reaching 63.1 billion yuan.

The picture shows the rendering of Jiangxi Flow Economic Industrial Base. Photo courtesy of Qingshan Lake District Rong Media Center

In the 5G smart factory of Nanchang Huaxing Knitting Industry Co., Ltd. located in the district, equipment such as intelligent hanging, intelligent ironing, intelligent needle inspection, intelligent sorting, and intelligent palletizing are running in an orderly manner. It is reported that through the development of digital transformation, Huaxing Knitting has integrated 5G technology and related applications into the production line, increasing the output from the original daily production of 5,10 pieces to 50,90 pieces, the qualification rate of high-end clothing has increased from 6% to 25%, and the output value in the first half of this year reached <> million yuan, a year-on-year increase of <>%.

Qingshan Lake District is a famous knitting garment city in China, with more than 2000,20 knitting enterprises and an annual export of more than 500 billion knitwear. At present, the district is grasping the wave of digital economy development, taking the industrial chain as the link, actively carrying out intelligent upgrading actions of traditional industries such as "machine substitution", "equipment core replacement" and "production line replacement", solidly carrying out the action of extending the chain to supplement the chain and strengthening the chain, and promoting the modern knitting industry to exceed <> billion yuan, the metallurgical building materials and electronic information industries to exceed <> billion yuan, and the food and beverage, biomedical, equipment manufacturing and other industries to develop comprehensively.

In the Nanchang Economic Development Zone, not far away, the digital economy is also empowering the development of cultural industries. Jiangxi Scenario Technology Co., Ltd., located in the district, is an enterprise deeply engaged in the field of digital culture, focusing on theme park special films, virtual reality (VR) interactive films, augmented reality (AR) interactive content development and multimedia interactive project production, accumulating the core technology of various types of projects.

"The popular marine exploration puzzle-themed animated film "Submarine Story: Around the Earth in 80 Days" will be released in August, as one of the producers of the film, the company's main creative team also participated in the screening ceremony not long ago. In the next step, we will continue to improve our skills, open up a broader market space, and help the development of Nanchang's digital cultural industry. The relevant person in charge of Jiangxi Scenario Technology Co., Ltd. said.

"The digital economy is the 'strongest outlet' to promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry." Rao Haipeng, director of the Innovation and Development Bureau of Nanchang Economic Development Zone, said that the whole region adheres to the two-wheel drive of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, regards digital culture as an important part of modern service industry, accelerates the direction of key industries such as live e-commerce, e-sports, animation and games, and builds a talent training system in the industry and field, and concentrates on building a new highland for the development of the cultural industry.

In the face of the wave of digitalization, in recent years, Nanchang has closely focused on being the "leader" of the province's digital economy, building a leading area for digital economy innovation with status in central China and national influence, and continuously releasing favorable policies related to the digital economy to seize the new track of the digital economy. Relevant data show that in 2022, the core industries of the digital economy in Nanchang will achieve operating income of 2387.77 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.3%; The software and information technology service industry achieved revenue of 115.85 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.9%, and the development of the digital industry achieved obvious results. (End)