Qingdao, July 7 (Reporter Li Xin Xie Yiguan) Data, algorithms and computing power are the three core elements of artificial intelligence, and computing power is known as the "engine" of artificial intelligence. Every wave of artificial intelligence is inseparable from the improvement of computing power. As a coastal city in eastern China, Qingdao, Shandong Province is constantly improving its urban computing power and seizing the tide of artificial intelligence.

Improve the "engine" capability and consolidate the foundation of artificial intelligence

With the development of the Chinese industry intelligence, the demand for computing power has increased exponentially. Computing power has become a new type of productivity and an important foundation to support the vigorous development of the digital economy.

Recently, the reporter walked into Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park with the high-quality development interview group. In the park, the "root server" rebooted by Andy Lau in "The Wandering Earth 2" and the "star computer" that plays the "star computer" of the intelligent quantum computer data center in 2058 - the silicon cube immersed liquid-cooled computer are particularly eye-catching.

"Heat dissipation has always been a 'big energy consumer' in data centers. In recent years, the computing power infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers has continued to develop, and chip power consumption has reached a very high state. An Ran, director of the Shuguang Computing Center, said that in 2017, the company launched a fully immersed liquid phase change cooling technology, which greatly improved the heat dissipation efficiency of computer chips, and could help data centers achieve year-round natural cooling in the whole region, which increased the energy efficiency ratio by 30% compared with traditional air-cooled data centers, and has been commercialized on a large scale.

"From the side display of the computer, you can see that the entire server motherboard is completely immersed in a high-density, low-boiling fluorinated liquid." Enron said that the fluorinated liquid will evaporate and vaporize at about 60 ° C to 65 ° C, gather in the outdoor cooling tower for natural cooling, cool to more than 50 degrees Celsius, and then re-liquefy for circulation.

The "Heart of the Sea" artificial intelligence computing center of the industrial park adopts both Dawning cold plate liquid cooling and full-immersion liquid cooling technologies. It is reported that after the completion of "Heart of the Sea", it will achieve full coverage of high-precision to low-precision computing power of computing power, achieve full coverage of domestic and foreign mainstream artificial intelligence frameworks and platforms and other computing types, and achieve full coverage of artificial intelligence training, reasoning, scientific computing, smart city and other applications.

Through government-led investment in the construction of an intensive intelligent computing power platform, Qingdao provides affordable general artificial intelligence computing power resources to local enterprises, attracting more enterprises to use Qingdao's public computing power, effectively reducing the cost of enterprise artificial intelligence research and development, and promoting the development of the local artificial intelligence industry.

According to Liu Zanke, chairman of Qingdao Hi-Tech Industry Development Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haizhi Artificial Intelligence Computing Center is expected to be online in 2023. At that time, the computing power scale of the "dual computing power center" will reach 250P, becoming an intelligent computing hub based in Qingdao, radiating Shandong and even the north of the Yangtze River, and laying a strong computing power foundation for further undertaking the transfer of global artificial intelligence innovation resources. "In the next step, we will continue to expand and upgrade, and the total computing power will reach 600P, focusing on six major tracks: smart home, industrial intelligence, smart city, smart finance, life and health, and space, space, earth and sea."

The picture shows the planning map of Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park. Photo courtesy of Qingdao Propaganda Department

In the future, Qingdao's "dual computing power center" will help the efficient development of smart applications in the industry, transform computing power into a shared social resource, promote the further flow and sharing of AI elements such as artificial intelligence datasets, use AI computing power to develop image recognition, language search, biopharmaceutical, medical health, marine biology and other industries, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries such as home appliances and automobiles, create computing power, application innovation and industrial chain aggregation platform, and help cultivate a new generation of artificial intelligence industry system. Win the initiative for the development of Qingdao's digital economy.

According to Liu Ling, deputy governor of Qingdao Laoshan District Government, the first phase of the artificial intelligence computing center to build 100P computing power, equivalent to the computing power of 5,2 high-performance computers. The center was officially put into operation in February this year, serving a total of 234 enterprises and scientific research institutes, and the utilization rate of computing power reached 80%. At present, it has realized the innovation of "70+" algorithm models and incubated "100+" scenario-based solutions for six fields: smart ocean, safe city, smart transportation, industrial quality inspection, intelligent manufacturing, and smart power.

High-end smart home appliances make life more "smart"

Focusing on smart home appliances, smart transportation, high-performance computing, space, earth and sea, Qingdao Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park has gathered 5 national innovation platforms and 8 provincial innovation platforms.

Liu Ling said that among them, the only national manufacturing innovation center in the field of smart home appliances, the National High-end Intelligent Home Appliances Innovation Center, was completed and put into use in February this year, facing the major needs of the innovation and development of smart home appliance manufacturing, building public laboratories and service platforms, and has served 2 enterprises.

Wang Ye, general manager of the National High-end Intelligent Household Appliances Innovation Center, said that as the only national manufacturing innovation center in the field of household appliances in China, the National Innovation Center has a deep insight into the general trend of the times and grasps the development opportunities of high-end, intelligent and scenario-based household appliances. The center adopts the "company + alliance" operation model, integrates enterprises, universities and research institutes in various fields and industries such as home appliances, chips, software, security, and health, innovates and builds nine open and shared laboratories, builds a digital technology foundation for high-end smart home appliances, and focuses on the four common technology fields of ontology, intelligence, security and scenarios.

The picture shows the National High-end Intelligent Home Appliances Innovation Center. Photo courtesy of Qingdao Propaganda Department

Within 30 seconds, basic vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, blood sugar, and breathing are displayed on the screen, in addition, Guochuang Home Health Management System can also assess the stress index, cardiovascular risk, and vascular sclerosis risk index to provide guidance for potential dangers. "By collecting facial video data, the blood flow in the blood vessels is monitored, and the human health index is calculated." Bing Zhaozhen, product manager of Guochuang, said that compared with professional medical equipment, the accuracy of Guochuang home health management system in heart rate, blood oxygen and other aspects of monitoring results reaches 99%, and the accuracy of blood pressure measurement is about 90%, which has been put into application in nursing institutions.

Build a highland for the development of semiconductor and optoelectronic display industry in the north

Also aiming at the convenient sea, land and air three-dimensional transportation system and strong industrial foundation along the coast of Qingdao is BOE.

According to Yu Yonglie, general manager of BOE Technology Group Qingdao Regional Office, BOE IoT mobile display port device production base is BOE's first high-end manufacturing display industry project in Qingdao, with a total investment of 81.7 billion yuan, which is BOE's largest mobile display module production base. It is expected that after full production in 2024, it can have the capacity of 1 million small and medium-sized LCD display modules per year, and the products are mainly used in smart terminals such as mobile phones, displays, and AR/VR.

Yu Yonglie said that BOE will focus on enhancing the competitiveness of Qingdao's new display industry, extending the industrial chain and upgrading the value chain, determining the main industrial direction of strengthening display modules, breaking through panel manufacturing, expanding terminal applications, and promoting technical research, and building the park into a new display industry agglomeration area leading regional development, a new growth pole for the high-quality development of the national new display industry, and a source of new display technology innovation with international influence.

"As the main enterprise of Qingdao's new display industry chain, we will play a leading role in attracting nearly 30 upstream and downstream supporting manufacturers to gather in the local area, promote the accelerated rise of Qingdao's new display industrial park, and help Qingdao build a highland for the development of the northern semiconductor and optoelectronic display industry." Yu Yonglie said. (End)