Zibo, July 7 (Reporter Li Xin Xie Yiguan) "This is the largest photovoltaic module in China. In the exhibition hall of the zero-carbon smart technology innovation center of Zibo High-tech Zone, Li Yiqun, chairman of Zibo Jingneng Technology Co., Ltd., said that this high-power photovoltaic product is produced by the company's 27GW smart photovoltaic project invested 330 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), which has higher safety and can significantly reduce construction and maintenance costs, and is one of the company's differentiated development "fist" products.

Recently, the reporter followed the "High-quality Development Research Tour" theme group to Zibo, Shandong Province, to interview how the old industrial city Zibo took the road of high-quality development towards "green".

Qilu Energy Storage Valley, where Jingneng Technology Co., Ltd. is located, is a wind, solar and storage industry gathering place built by the old industrial city of Zibo with energy storage as the core industry and ventilation electricity, photovoltaic and battery cell upstream and downstream chains.

Qilu Energy Storage Valley is a gathering place for wind, solar and storage industries built by the old industrial city of Zibo with energy storage as the core industry and ventilation electricity, photovoltaic and battery cell upstream and downstream chains. The picture shows the energy storage valley sand table. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Xin

"The energy storage valley will gather the 'green' kinetic energy of Zibo's transformation and upgrading, and form the longest, most complete and highest-end energy storage, photovoltaic and wind power industry chain in China with the core industry driven by photovoltaic and energy storage." Li Yiqun introduced that Qilu Energy Storage Valley plans to promote the new energy photovoltaic and energy storage industry with the thinking of "the whole industry chain". At present, industrial projects such as photovoltaic modules, energy storage containers, and solid-state lithium batteries have been completed and put into operation, laying the foundation for the formation of a 100-billion-level industrial base. "We are practitioners of carbon reduction and carbon reduction actions, and containerized energy storage systems effectively reduce the phenomenon of wind and light abandonment. The company is also planning distributed wind power, plus the research and development of energy storage system, will realize the multi-energy complementary mode of wind, solar and storage. ”

Qilu Energy Storage Valley is composed of three parks: Zero Carbon Smart Innovation Industrial Park, Solid-state Lithium Battery Industrial Park, Advanced Energy Storage Equipment Innovation Industrial Park and Zero Carbon Smart Research Institute. The zero-carbon smart innovation industrial park plans to build a high-end professional park with a total area of 600 mu, mainly laying out two major industrial sectors of energy storage and photovoltaic module integration; The first phase of 20GWH of solid-state lithium battery industrial park will be put into operation soon, which will build the largest solid-state lithium battery production base in China.

The Advanced Energy Storage Equipment Innovation Industrial Park mainly lays out the upstream and downstream solid electrolytes, positive and negative electrode materials and other industrial chains of lithium batteries and sodium-ion batteries, and builds a large-scale solid-state battery industrial cluster with the most complete industrial chain in China. The Zero Carbon Smart Research Institute focuses on new energy and digital economy industries, and cooperates with many enterprises and R&D institutions such as the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Haibo Smarttron, Beijing Weilan, and Langu New Energy to devote itself to the development direction of multiple new energy industries such as photovoltaic, battery cells, energy storage, and offshore wind power.

The picture shows the energy storage equipment produced by Zibo Jingneng Technology Co., Ltd. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Xin

Zibo is one of China's 120 old industrial cities, and the only demonstration zone for industrial transformation and upgrading of China's old industrial cities and resource-based cities in Shandong Province, covering resource-exhausted cities, independent industrial and mining areas, revolutionary old areas and other special types of areas, and the task of industrial transformation and upgrading is arduous.

Qilu Energy Storage Valley is one of the epitome of the nirvana of the old industrial city of Zibo. The new fuel cell proton membrane invented by Zibo Huantai County Dongyue Future Hydrogen Energy Company has complete independent intellectual property rights and has been widely used in various fuel cell vehicles. Fuel cell is the representative of the current hydrogen energy development and utilization technology, of which the "proton exchange membrane" is the core component of the fuel cell, known as the "chip" of the hydrogen energy industry, which is also the core product of Dongyue Future Hydrogen Energy Company.

The new fuel cell proton membrane invented by Zibo Huantai County Dongyue Future Hydrogen Energy Company has complete independent intellectual property rights and has been widely used in various fuel cell vehicles. Pictured, the company's showroom. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Xin

"As far as hydrogen energy is concerned, Zibo has obvious advantages, our chemical by-product hydrogen here reaches tens of thousands of tons a year, which can be applied to the field of hydrogen energy, which is very rare in China." Wang Zhenhua, deputy general manager of Dongyue Future Hydrogen Energy Company, said that the company was established in December 2017, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-performance fuel cell membranes and other hydrogen energy materials, high-performance fluoropolymers and high-end fluorine-containing fine chemicals products, and related products and technologies are in a leading position in China, forming a relatively complete industrial chain layout of perfluorinated proton exchange membranes and upstream key raw materials and supporting derivative products. At present, Dongyue's fuel cell proton exchange membrane products have carried out comprehensive technical and business cooperation with domestic and foreign downstream leading enterprises.

Xu Qingtang, member of the Standing Committee of the Huantai County Party Committee and deputy governor of the county government of Zibo City, said in an interview with reporters that in the future, Huantai County will focus on promoting green and low-carbon transformation, solidly promote the "Ten Major Actions for Carbon Reduction and Carbon Reduction", continue to grasp the "dual control" of total energy consumption and intensity, comprehensively promote enterprise circular production, industrial cycle combination, and park cycle transformation, seize the opportunity of promoting distributed photovoltaic pilot projects in the whole county across the country, vigorously develop clean energy such as photovoltaic and hydrogen energy, optimize energy structure and supply quality, and strive to build a clean, low-carbon, and low-carbon. Safe and efficient modern energy system.

Pictured, hydrogen energy vehicles. Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Xin

Zhao Qingwen, deputy secretary of the Zibo Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that in view of the fact that Zibo has the dual characteristics of an old industrial city and a resource-based city, the city has vigorously strengthened the orientation of "heroes on mu uniformity" and "heroes on carbon uniformity", and promotes the "renewal of stock" of traditional industries and the "incremental transfer" of emerging industries. Vigorously promote the rebirth of traditional industries, and accelerate the transformation of traditional industries such as chemical industry, machinery, building materials, textiles, light industry, and ceramic glass to high-end, intelligent, green and intensive. In order to support the accelerated rise of emerging industries, Zibo has deeply implemented the "top four" industrial climbing plan for new materials, intelligent equipment, new medicine and electronic information, and concentrated on building a benchmark city for hydrogen energy production and application in China, a film valley in China, and the rapid growth of new energy industries such as hydrogen energy, photovoltaic, and energy storage, as well as future industries such as new energy vehicles and unmanned driving.

"Zibo has always regarded green and low-carbon as an important path for the high-quality development of the city, promoted the formation of green and low-carbon production methods and lifestyles, and strived to increase 'green' and 'energy' for urban development." Zhao Qingwen said that Zibo has vigorously implemented the optimization and integration of coal-fired power units and energy-saving transformation, realized the transfer and withdrawal of steel production capacity, cleared all coking capacity, and developed distributed photovoltaic power generation, centralized composite photovoltaic power generation, biomass power generation and wind power. At present, the city's new energy local power generation capacity is 17.07 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 15.3%; The installed capacity of new energy (excluding hydropower) reached 218.22 million kilowatts, a year-on-year increase of 2.<>%.

Ma Xiaolei, Secretary of the Zibo Municipal Party Committee, said that in recent years, Zibo has not only enhanced the city's reputation, popularity and influence, but also explored paths and accumulated experience for the city's green, low-carbon and high-quality development. "We will maintain strategic concentration, persist for a long time, draw a blueprint to the end, hammer after hammer, solve problems with high quality and high level, make up for shortcomings, prevent risks, and continuously promote Zibo's transformation and leapfrog development to a new level." (End)