People's travel choices are becoming more diversified, and their pursuit of travel experience has further improved. In terms of customer group structure, sub-groups such as parent-child travel and family travel are relatively more active, indicating that people's consumer confidence has been further enhanced.

In July, students, primary and secondary school students officially entered the summer vacation, and the booking of summer travel products ushered in rapid growth. Summer air bookings on Qunar have increased day by day since June 7, and the first peak period from July 6 to 23 has exceeded 7% of the same period in 3. According to Ctrip's travel statistics, the number of bookings for summer study products has exceeded the same period in 9.

A number of online travel platforms predict that with the full return of students and parent-child customers, the travel market in July and August is expected to become the hottest summer season in the past five years.

The student's parent-child customer group has returned to the full range

After the college entrance examination came to an end, major universities have recently ushered in the graduation season, and graduation trips have been put on the agenda by young people. According to Ctrip's data, from June 6 to the end of August, travel orders for high school graduates and college graduates gradually increased, increasing by nearly 9 times year-on-year.

From the perspective of travel methods, more and more young people choose to travel by car and graduate. This summer, the number of car rental users aged 18 to 24 on Ctrip's platform increased by 52% year-on-year. Chengdu, the panda city, the coastal city of Sanya, and Xinjiang with its Duku Highway are the favorite destinations for young people to travel for graduation. In addition, there are many young people who choose to participate in the graduation trip. According to Ctrip's data, the number of bookings for group tours by graduates this summer increased by 358% year-on-year, and the orders for private groups formed independently increased by 460%.

Summer has always been the peak of family outings, and this year is no exception. According to Tuniu's booking data, long-term domestic travel accounted for 61% of summer travel consumption this summer, with parent-child trips and summer trips accounting for 58% of current orders. In terms of the proportion of people who booked summer tickets on the Qunar platform, people aged 34 to 43 and under 18 accounted for the largest proportion, driving the increase in bookings for parent-child travel products.

Edutainment study tours are particularly popular during the summer. "We have been promoting the summer study group since May Day, and so far the registration situation is still relatively ideal, especially the Xinjiang and Dunhuang routes are particularly sought-after, and they are basically full." Lin Yi, co-founder of Beijing Shanyuan Cat International Travel Co., Ltd., said.

Demand drives up airfare, hotel prices

The concentrated release of summer travel demand has pushed up the booking price of travel products such as air tickets and accommodation. Tongcheng travel data shows that the average domestic air ticket price in the summer will remain high, especially around mid-to-late August. The peak passenger flow of civil aviation in 8 is mainly distributed in two periods: one is that from July 2023 to July 7, the average domestic air ticket price will remain at a relatively high level between 6 yuan and 7,20 yuan; The other is that from August 900 to August 1000, the average domestic air ticket price remained between 8 yuan and 2 yuan. Overall, the average summer domestic air ticket price increased by about 8% compared with the same period in 20 and about 900% from the same period in 1100. "Strong travel demand is the main factor supporting the price increase of summer air tickets." Cheng Chaogong, chief researcher of Tongcheng Travel Research Institute, said.

According to Tuniu's data, summer air and hotel prices are at a high level overall, with significant increases in air ticket and hotel prices in some popular destinations such as Urumqi, Sanya, Lijiang, Dali, Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

However, in the face of the flight of summer air tickets and hotel prices, tourists' enthusiasm for travel has not been greatly affected, and consumer demand has become more diversified. "There has been a significant increase in tourists in the last two weeks, and lately I've been working until one or two in the morning." Xiao Bing, Ctrip's gold medal guide, said that due to the approaching summer vacation, most of his guests are "post-95" and "post-00" young people, and these tourists have higher quality needs and emotional demands for tourism. "Many young tourists believe that coming out to play is not as simple as checking in at the attractions. In addition to leading tourists, we will also provide private collection of niche attractions and select professional travel photographers to meet the emotional value of tourists. He said.

"People have begun to turn to a relatively rational consumption attitude, travel choices have become more diversified, and the pursuit of travel experience has further improved. In terms of customer group structure, sub-customer groups such as parent-child travel and family travel have become relatively more active, indicating that people's consumer confidence has been further enhanced. Cheng Chaogong judged that the summer cultural tourism consumption and leisure vacation consumption will continue the trend of scene diversification, and the tourism performance, night cultural tourism and other market segments will show a pattern of supply and demand.

Demand for summer travel has reached a record high

Since the beginning of summer, high temperature weather has occurred frequently in many places in China, and consumers' demand for summer tourism has reached a new height. On Ctrip's platform, the popularity of searches related to summer escape and cooling off increased by 50% month-on-month. According to data from Mafengwo Travel Network, search content related to "domestic summer escape" increased by 6% in June.

"Summer tourism is just right, and 'where to cool and where to stay' has become a new consensus among tourists, investment institutions and business entities. This year, Beijing and other major source cities have ushered in rare high temperature weather, which has further boosted the demand for long-distance summer tourism. Dai Bin, president of China Tourism Research Institute, said. The "National Summer Tourism Development Report" recently released by the China Tourism Academy predicts that about 3 million people of the elderly, students and teachers and residents of high-temperature cities have strong demand for summer tourism.

Compared with the relatively concentrated winter winter destinations, summer summer destinations are more scattered. At present, various places have laid out the summer tourism market. Guizhou Province issued summer tourism "discount packages" to tourists across the country, announcing that students, the elderly and children can enjoy free admission to state-owned A-level tourist attractions in Guizhou Province with valid documents; Citizens of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in the country can enjoy half of the discount on tickets for state-owned A-level tourist attractions in Guizhou Province with their valid identity documents. Heilongjiang Province announced that it will launch the "6-day Action" for summer summer tourism from June 20 to September 9, focusing on creating summer boutique tourism theme routes and products, focusing on launching ten categories of themed tourism products such as large forests, large wetlands, large lakes and large grasslands.

Dai Bin said that in the past 10 years, China has cultivated a number of summer tourism destinations with outstanding resource value and wide market recognition, built a number of mutually supportive summer projects, and formed a group of professional summer tourism operators with high brand support and strong resource integration. "After nearly 10 years of cultivation, summer tourism has passed the concept introduction period and is entering a new stage of policy promotion and business practice. In the process from concept introduction to commercial practice, it is necessary to rationally use natural resources and human resources, systematically study and scientifically grasp the laws of the tourism market, especially the spatial flow and consumption characteristics of tourists. Dai Bin said.

Zhu Xiaoxiang, director of the Public Meteorological Service Center of the China Meteorological Administration, said that the market space for the development of summer tourism climate products is huge, and it is hoped that through the professional assessment of meteorological departments and cultural tourism departments, more scientific and comprehensive analysis of summer tourism indicators will be carried out from the aspects of climate comfort, comprehensive risk of disasters, landscape appreciation, and tourism service quality, so as to give full play to the role of summer consumption in promoting the economy.